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  1. Title: [3.1.3] Critical Mining Turtle Duplication Glitch Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Java Version: Java 7 Description of Problem: When using the "excavate" program on a Mining Turtle with items in it's inventory, it will duplicate the items. Sometimes the items will become glitched "infinite" items, while other times the items will become proper stacks. Tested with charcoal, on SMP. Error Messages: [N/A] Error Log: [N/A]
  2. I noticed that the Dev Build of Tekkit updated to 3.1.3 quite a while ago, but I'm also confused as to why the ccSensors Fix hasn't been added, as ccSensors is quite possibly one of the glitchiest SMP mods in the pack, so much so that if you place a Sensor Detector block, you can cause the server to crash every time that chunk is loaded until ccSensors is removed. Is there any reason, or..?
  3. ^ No, Nether Lag has been in the game for a while [Officially fixed in MC1.4.x, iirc], Tekkit just amplifies it a bit, because of all the stuff it adds. I hope this, along with the ccSensors fix, gets added to Tekkit. o,o
  4. Multiplayer servers are down right now. You'll have to wait until Mojang fixes everything. =/
  5. IGN: NeonJ What I do on Minecraft: Non-PvP peaceful things, like building machines or coding in ComputerCraft. Heh, I could be that guy on the sidelines who provides things to both sides of battl- I'M SAXTON HALE. :D
  6. I had a few. - PS2 - TY the Tasmanian Tiger (Boomerangs are the BEST WEAPON EVER. No exceptions.) Sonic Heroes (The reason I get huge nostalgia while playing it xD And also the reason why I have a soft spot for this game.) Need for Speed Hot Persuit 2 (The good Hot Persuit, not the terrible new ones. I did like the "You are the police" mode though.) The Sims 2 (I miss the direct control mode. It wasn't even in the PC version! D: This is the best version of Sims, imo.) - GBA - Super Mario Advance (.. Yeah, Super Mario Bros. 2. Always confused me why ALL other Mario games were different to this one..) Krazy Racers (MarioKart ripoff woo~. Eh, MarioKart is terrible lately anyway. MK7 is the worst of the series.) - PC - Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (I still haven't beaten it, after all these years!) Sonic Robo Blast 2 (I still play it a lot today, and it still gets updated today. It's awesome!) - DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World (One of my favourite games ever.) Sonic Rush (One of the best Modern Sonic games. Then again, the handheld Sonics have always been good.) Can you tell which system I used to use the most for gaming?
  7. This is the reason why I'm balanced on if I want to use it or not. While it's a great mod, if I don't want to use it.. it just intrudes gameplay. So I turn it off. I kind of feel forced to use it when it's on, because of all the corrupted areas and mystical beings all over the place. Same reason why I turned off Mo' Creatures, really.
  8. Heh, thanks. Been thinking of switching it to my more recent King Arthur's Gold avatar soon, though. ;o I do wish more "Alchemist / Magic" items would be added to Tekkit though, like Thaumcraft or Mystcraft. I love magic-based things, and although EE is overpowered as netherrack, it's still fun. xD Heh, the whole point of my old Vanilla server was to be a mage. You'd start off without magic and you would slowly learn more spells as you stayed in the server. Wasn't game-breaking stuff, just stuff like "instant heal" or "floating platform" or "instant food" or "levitate mobs" ... Levitating players was hilarious. Anyway, Tekkit needs more magic ;o
  9. *clap clap* Bravo. The reason I stopped using EE. I used to be a mostly-mage based, only having VERY basic IC machines (All powered by solarpanels and BatBoxes, and weakest machines with no overclocker upgrades.) and full-on focused on the EE flowers. I usually got my Mk. 3 Collector Flower pretty quickly, then I just had everything automatically. Though, I realise that takes the fun out of things now, so I've stopped myself from using EE T. Tables, Condensers, Collectors or Relays. I'd call myself more of a Redstone Enginner now, my main mods being RedPower and ComputerCraft. And my IC machines are now powered by MFSUs now (Which I nickname "Massive Fricken Storage Units"), with 4 overclockers for each and a giant redstone clock on my house, out of lamps. I also have a slot machine.
  10. Both WinRAR and the default Windows unzipping tool do not open it.
  11. I walk in with basic leather armour and an iron sword. 1 hour later, I have 64 diamonds and 64 iron blocks. If that isn't OP, I don't know what is.
  12. Bah, when I try to open the ZIP it just says that "The zipped file is invalid" Are there any mirror links? I think Mediafire's messing things up.
  13. Personally, I hate Mo' Creatures as it replaces the awesome b1.8.1 spawning with the outdated b1.7.3 spawning. >_> It still feels like the same mod it was back in Alpha. Hasn't evolved at all, and I feel like I'm stuck in the past when using it, so I disable it. I'd actually love a "Magic VS Technic" thing to go on, but I would like a seperate "Technic only" pack if that ever happens. Like I previously stated, I don't like the purple corruption corrupting the world in ThaumCraft when I'm trying to make electrical machinery. Also, BetterDungeons needs SERIOUS balancing. It's nearly as OP as EE.
  14. I dislike ThaumCraft for completely different reasons - it's not possible to ignore the mod if you don't want to use it. Eventually, corruption WILL spread throughout your world, and you'll have no way to stop it unless you research TC stuff, which costs loads of materials. >_< Though, I have noticed something. Technic seems to be "Technical stuff with sprinkles" (Since when was Treecapitator technical?) while Tekkit seems to be "Technical stuff ONLY" - I guess I prefer Tekkit for that reason.
  15. I found that BetterDungeons made everything far too easy. I managed to get 64 iron BLOCKS and 64 diamonds in only a few hours of play, focusing on raiding dungeons. I like Millénaire, but it doesn't half cause lag.. >_< (Though, it's one of my favourite mods.. it's a bit "intrusive" for Technic/Tekkit, also the reason why I deleted ThaumCraft from my mods folder.)
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