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  1. Great work! I really like your drawing style. :)
  2. If you are talking about the Crafting Table 3, then that is no longer in the game.
  3. Wow... I love watching massive set-up videos! Also, good TL;DR ever!
  4. I came on to this sub-forum to find the opposite of what I came to find. When I (and most users) come here, we want to see a list of threads where we can discuss our opinions and thoughts of Technic. Instead I find: Technic Launcher Freezes on TL Screen Tekkit update fail at 32% download Low FPS issue Map Help? Without wanting to seem too fussy, please can we have a sub-sub-forum for help (as well as the existing one for bugs). Then mods could quickly move the threads if they get posted here.
  5. I'm pretty sure if you swim out far enough, the oceans get pretty damn deep! ;)
  6. Not saying it has a virus, but scans prove nothing mate.
  7. Think I've got a bit more learning and practising to do! Stiff haven't even looked at RedPower or RailCraft on my Single Player World!
  8. Looks nice, but I feel some textures could be sharpened and polished here and there. And the machines look very similar, might just me me though. Other wise, nice job!
  9. Looking very impressive so far! I used to love Doku, but have since moved on to me beautiful and calm TPs like Sphax.
  10. I've had this, your sound files are most likely corrupted. What your hearing is most likely the sound of dripping lava or mobs. Mine got corrupted so that mobs dying in sunlight had the sound of chests opening, it really freaked me out Try re-installing tekkit!
  11. Please could someone recommend a plugin that I can use to block nukes. Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is the wrong place, I'm fairly new here.
  12. Thought I would post my specs. RAM: 1GB PLUGINS: ESSENTIALS (Thats it!) PROCESSOR: 2GHZ SLOTS: 30 We get next to no lag, apart from the occasional block lag. However, we haven't been doing many lag intensive things. Just a couple of quarries.