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  1. Yes. You're totally right! I'm just an emotionally fragile person and can't handle anything I see as rude so maybe I am being a little holier-than-thou kind of person but honestly I would suggest saying this: "Vexatron200, instead of tagging onto this post, start your own here: (link)." Sorry if I'm being a little piece of **** but I have no idea how to talk in public 'cause I'm homeschooled.
  2. JaariAtmc, could you try being nicer? Maybe he/she didn't know how to make his/her own thread! Honestly, I know you've been really helpful to both Spixium and me, (you fixed my RlCraft problem, thank you!) but maybe...
  3. JaaruAtmc, I actually take my previous question back. Whatever you did fixed it! Thank you so so much! Now I can play RLCraft to my heart's content. THANK YOU!
  4. A few questions: I installed the updated version of Intel, but did it switch drivers itself, or do I have to do it manually? If so, how? Also, after installing 64bit Java, I don't know how to allocate more RAM. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Thank you! Will do! Okay, I've done it. Just so you know though, I installed RlCraft and uninstalled it multiple times today, not to mention all the times I tried to play it, so I don't know which parts of code go to which instance. (All of that code stuff is mumbo jumbo to me, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about) here's the link! https://pastebin.com/0urmHVAg
  6. Alright, there is a serious problem. I've been casting around for ways to play RLCraft (I don't want to use Twitch) and finally stumbled upon Technic. I installed Shivaxi RlCraft, and clicked play. At first it did nothing out of the ordinary, but then, before even loading the startup screen, it simply crashed back onto the launcher with nothing! No crash reports, no anything. I'd really like to play RlCraft, (Dragons, gasp!) so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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