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  1. ‚ÄčOnly took 2.5 years! At least use original artwork...
  2. It's been announced! Check there for details (If this is the wrong sub-forum, please move it to the correct one)
  3. meh. When I needed to know, I looked everywhere. So, here's more everywhere
  4. Post your log to and link it. Without a log, we can't provide much help.
  5. thenewboston on youtube. As for making mods: VSWE's tutorials, Pahimar's Let's Mod series.
  6. Forge for Minecraft 1.6.4 requires Java 7. OSX Mavericks requires the use of Java 7 to play Minecraft 1.6.4.
  7. I don't know. I don't use Technic modpacks. Hell, I don't even really use FTB packs anymore.
  8. To my knowledge, you should even be able to continue using Java 6 with Java 7 installed on Mavericks. I could be wrong though.
  9. You are still using Java 6. You need to be using Java 7.
  10. Put the log on Once paste has been created, send the web address (URL) in the thread.
  11. I'll do my best. I'm currently working, and checking FTB reports as well, so my response may not be immediate.
  12. A. You should be using Java 7 with Minecraft 1.6.4. B. Please use to learn for your logs. Walls of test are horrible to navigate and read.
  13. This has been long talked about over at the FTB forums. It's a pretty hot topic. As a consumer, you shouldn't worry about it in the sense of ever having to pay to use mod packs. Brian (Kaelten) has been answering questions on this thread over on the FTB forums. Any chance you can expand on what worries you? I can confirm this. I for one, contribute to the gassiness of the community
  14. It's not, to my knowledge. But I will never be able to convince you, so now I'll stop trying.
  15. While yes, those who pay you generally have some influence over you, I disagree with you on this.
  16. FTB becoming a company, and FTB partnering with Curse are two completely different things. Slowpoke isn't making money off of the mod developers, or even the mod pack developers. Any money he's making from the FTB name is rightfully his to keep. Feed the Beast is a map he created. That creation turned into more, but that name is still his.
  17. I just accepted a job CreperHost. Much smaller scale, but the same thing. Company contracts person/people who can help them complete a task.
  18. They will be independently be contracted in manager-like positions.
  19. Have you tried using more mice to try to trap it? Have you tried starting in the bottom right corner? In all seriousness, can you take a video of this happening. To be honest, I don't believe you.
  20. o/

    1. Munaus


      Hiyo! Your back for a longer term?
  21. One: Read this: Two, uninstall all Javas, restart your computer, then reinstall Java.
  22. You're using AVG. Read this:
  23. Screw that, he makes a point to post twitter pics of his turtles at work! ( This is my favorite: