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    Think its time for me to back away slowly and let the kid-I mean men handle this. The point of my post was never attacking any one people or even a group of people yet this spiraled into what I can only equate to as a scummy 4chan topic. sorry to those that wanted to discuss the topic at hand, sorry to people that got butthurt over my opinion and to every one else I'm not going to be replying to this virtual boxing rink. The idea of telling people not to support this thread was that if you where going to reply simply to attack me for having an opinion then to keep it to themselves but clearly things are way off topic and there is no way to quell this forum bar fight.

    ryokashit I am sorry to you for having to defend the OP and you where right, it was not constructive (I was kidding my self to think so) but this whole thing is nothing more then trying to convince the koolaid drinkers there god is not real and they shouldn't kill every one including themselves to defend it.
    Punk I am sorry to you for the immense amount of hate that will not allow you to discuss what I had intended with this post. hopefully some one that is not a woman, furry or has any thing negative to say about the pack will post something and you can post there.
    this topic died the moment some one took what I said to heart and had felt like they needed to be a white knight for men that (as staff) cant defend themselves (sarcasm)
    With great regret




    The topic died the moment you posted sorry. Your OP was both rude and terrible, lacking any shred of constructive value as you yourself admit here. It would have been locked immediately had there not been left open the chance for real constructive discussion or comedy. You and everyone else in here failed to achieve either. I am very aware that this thread seems to have attracted a very unwelcome collection of people with poor opinions and behaviour, but don't for a second try to act like you're not one of them. You started this, and then you fueled it with rude and snarky posting, giving criticism but not accepting criticism yourself.


    I'll be punishing people who refuse to behave themselves, but I want you to know that I take issue with your attitude. You are not a "victim" on internet minecraft forums. You are just one of several rude obnoxious participants in a dumb argument in a bad thread that you started. Get that straight before you make any more posts here or anywhere really because I don't care about genders or opinions or beliefs when I sit down to moderate. Just behaviour.

  2. I'm really confused as to why you think we've been sloppy with Attack of the B-Team? 


    When it comes to bugs, you can't say that we've done a bad job because of bugs found on release. Have you ever heard the term "many hands make light work" ? AotBT has been so popular that our download servers were brought down for the first time. There are a massive and I mean MASSIVE amount of people playing this pack now. More than any of our other packs to date. When that many people play in a sandbox environment you better believe they're going to find everything. I don't care who you are, you playtest a sandbox game with dozens of modders 3rd party additions and there are going to be lots of bugs and you are NOT going to be able to find them all. Adding over a million people to that sandbox means you're going to find significantly more.

    That's just how it is. Nothing to do with our ability or work ethic. You can't judge us in that regard. Someone else releasing the same pack could be seen as more professional just because with less people playing it, less problems are uncovered, and it seems like there are less problems in general. If anything, this is only an indicator of how well we've done in our advertising and hyping of the pack and the mods we're showcasing.


    If you really want to judge us on something, judge us on how we respond to problems with the pack post release. So far we've done several emergency patches fixing all the major issues found very quickly and cleanly. If you're dead set on comparing us to a for profit AAA studio like EA, try comparing us to their release of the new SimCity since it's much closer to a sandbox environment. That was a disaster for them on all fronts and they STILL haven't resolved many of the issues with it. 


    And with that matter aside, your second point is "balance". This is a subjective issue since it's largely a matter of opinion. So far you've only cited 1 example and offered no solutions. We've made this pack at the request of youtubers. It's a pack designed for them to have fun and do wild stuff in videos. 

    Please don't feel like I'm brushing you off, I am certainly not trying to, but I don't know what you would have us do? Remove bats? Remove the morph mod entirely? Heap in arbitrary 3rd party restrictions on becoming bats? It is literally one small aspect of much larger mods. There are no clean or nice solutions to the "issue" (remember, it's subjective that it's even an issue) We aren't going to remove content or heavily alter it just to change something small like this. That is up to the individual server owners if they personally feel that way. 


    And lastly I'd like to address your attitude, because I feel you are being very unjustly defensive. People were calling you out on the manner in which you presenting your arguments. I agree with them. You posted a thread asking if people agreed the pack was "boring" (unclear as to why since you didn't address the pack being boring in your OP). Then you said we had peaked at Hexxit and were now on a downslope. You cited personal preference reasons for this statement, gave exactly 1 example to justify it, then furthered it by granting our pack 1 out of 5 little stars and calling it a bad pack. 


    If you can't understand why people were criticising you, then I don't know what to tell you. You may just be too much of an internet person to be self aware.

  3. It has 8 GB and I've set it to as high as 6 at a time but there's really not much I can do at this point. Is there any way I can have a graphics card installed?

    You shouldn't put it at more than 2GB. Allocating more can actually lower your performance after a while. As for the graphics card thing I don't know. Probably not. I have no idea if "external graphics cards" are even a thing.

  4. Nah, it's totally based on the tripods from War of the Worlds!

    I don't understand the whole "Invasion" theme though. I thought Generik and BDoubleO were turning over a new leaf with their pastry shop? :confused:

    Yeah war of the worlds. Also I guess old habits die hard. GenB spent the last bit of the livestream testing out voodoo and planning all the devious things he was going to do to the other players.

  5. Yeah I got that, I was kind of making a joke about rather having a series to watch earlier ;)

    Ah! Well, since the pack isn't even public yet there's no way to get series episodes out early....unless....

    CanVox, break out your puppets. We've got a show to put on!!!

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