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  1. Re: JAVA ERROR FIX (Read!) I think you have to do some fiddling around to get it to change programs. I could tell you what to do, but it wouldn't be for how to do it on a mac, it would be how to do it on a windows computer. Sorry.
  2. Mine had the options 512 mb (literally how much RAM my computer has), 1 GB, and 2GB. There may have been one else. I'll take a look at the actual amount used tomorrow. I don't feel like waiting for Minecraft to take it's sweet ol' time to start up and load my level. (Takes about 6 or 7 minutes.)
  3. There is no other way to download the pack, sorry.
  4. Problem solved by using the installer on a separate computer and copying them over to this one. Launcher still doesn't work and still provides the error, but I got the launcher screen by using the .jar. Locking topic.
  5. Nah, it happens to Vanilla too, although not as often as it is now.
  6. Are you kidding? Us Americans are too stuck up to do menial labor to get what we want. Instead, we usually just go to forums like this to complain and whine like the stuck up, self absorbed little tits that we are. Kidding about some of that. Not all of it, but some of it. I'll let you decide. Nice place you have there Zelmo. Nice to see that some places in the world still value the old work=money thing.
  7. Quick question: Do you have to completely wipe your .minecraft folder because the installer creates a new one in the .technic (or whatever it's called) folder?
  8. I thought that Optifine helped stop that from happening. I am having memory leaks happen, but that has almost always happened to me on my newer computer. (Newer as in 6 years old compared to almost 10 years old.) Eventually the problem just stops.
  9. The only things you could probably fit in are GUI changes and things like SPC. Otherwise, like Cheap said, you will have a ton of problems.
  10. My main problem is that I can't play for long without the game going to saving chunks because it ran out of RAM, and I have it set to use up to 2GB, but then again, it's always had that problem for me. I haven't had a problem with lag though. Using Vista Ultimate I think. 2005 or 2006.
  11. The new installer creates a completely different folder for the game so you don't have to do any changing around with your normal .minecraft folder. Otherwise I don't know.
  12. Okay, I got the .jar from the Spoutcraft link. It seems to be working, as I have a Technic Logo that is getting in the way right now. @Rupert, I mean that it crashed before doing anything at all, and I did look, no new folder. Edit: It is working as there is now a .techniclauncher folder in my Application Data folder. There still may be a chance for failure though. Edit Edit: I was looking through the folder, and I found this error log: [16:01:27] [iNFO] ------------------------------------------ [16:01:27] [iNFO] Launcher is starting.... [16:01:27] [iNFO] Launcher Build: 0.5.0 [16:01:37] [iNFO] [info] Downloading 'mirrors.yml' from 'https://raw.github.com/TechnicPack/Technic/master/mirrors.yml'. [16:01:37] [sEVERE] java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Documents and Settings\Fraser Boys\Application Data\.techniclauncher\temp\mirrors.yml (The system cannot find the path specified) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(Native Method) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at java.io.FileOutputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.YmlUtils.downloadYmlFile(YmlUtils.java:52) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.YmlUtils.downloadMirrorsYmlFile(YmlUtils.java:19) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.MirrorUtils.updateMirrorsYMLCache(MirrorUtils.java:89) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.gui.LoginForm.loadLauncherData(LoginForm.java:333) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.Main.main(Main.java:157) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] Exception in thread "main" [16:01:37] [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.YmlUtils.downloadYmlFile(YmlUtils.java:81) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.YmlUtils.downloadMirrorsYmlFile(YmlUtils.java:19) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.MirrorUtils.updateMirrorsYMLCache(MirrorUtils.java:89) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.gui.LoginForm.loadLauncherData(LoginForm.java:333) [16:01:37] [sEVERE] at org.spoutcraft.launcher.Main.main(Main.java:157) It wasn't done, but judging by those SEVERE things, I didn't think it would have gotten much further. Edit Again: I gave it a second try, but the same error occurred. Another Edit: So I was able to install it on my newer computer just fine using the launcher and I didn't need to update my java version. I downloaded the first launcher version at school and started it up on the school computer. The school computers run on the same type of XP that I have on my home one, except for the fact that they are, surprisingly, dual core. The launcher actually got further than when I tried it on my home computer. So I think it's something to do with my computer. Also, after looking at the error reports, it seems as though the launcher, AND THE .JAR, are not able to reach the download. I'm going to try to copy the files from the computer that already has downloaded it and see if that works. I would still like someone to help me figure out why it isn't working properly.
  13. I have completely wiped my .minecraft folder, got rid of everything in it. Ran the normal launcher to re-install it and then I ran the Technic Launcher. Nothing happened, although in the Task Manager the TechnicLauncher-v0.2.exe process did show up, and then the microsoft error reporter popped up. Is there something I am doing wrong? I use Microsoft Windows XP, Version 2002, SP 2, 32 bit, and I have 512 MB of RAM. (Yes, I know it's small, but it hasn't given me problems before.) I would provide an error report, but there isn't one to copy, and the error report from the error reporter is full of nonsense. Trust me, it wouldn't help. Edit: Do I have to get Spout?
  14. No, you can not play it without a 'premium' account. Get some money and buy the game, you freeloader.
  15. It has been said many, many times that this forum will never provide support for cracked versions of Minecraft. Please look at related posts for the reasons why.
  16. I think what he means is that it doesn't really fit the theme of the forum. I assume you will eventually work on that though.
  17. You also get double the normal amount of sticks, which is nice.
  18. I guess you don't keep up with the snapshots. Cats have made it into the 1.2 release.
  19. I don't think that would ever work. The installer probably has coding in it that tells it how and where to install the mods. You would probably have to add code into it yourself to do that.
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