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  1. Aero is toggleable in Vista as well. Just not to the same extent as Win 7. I think the most you can do to change it is to turn off glass window borders and that's about it. I also listed the requirements, not how much it actually used. Personally, I have not used Win 7 at all, but I imagine it is as good as they say it is.
  2. 1. Do you have a paid account? If yes, go to 2. If no, go to 3. 2. If you do have a paid account, search the forum for a topic that is related to yours. There is a 100% chance that there is. 3. If you do not have a paid account, go buy one, and then try to log in. 4. If it fails after this, attempt step 2.
  3. You rarely notice the low RAM though. Out of that 524 RAM (or whatever I said, it's around the 520 to 540 range) XP only uses a minimum of 64 MB. The recommended is only 128 MB. Compared to the minimum of 512 MB RAM (recommended 1 GB RAM) Vista uses, and the min of 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) that Windows 7 uses, it really doesn't matter that I have such little RAM. In fact, the only thing holding me back from playing newer games is the graphics card, the amount of space that I need on my HDD, and the speed of my processor (the fact that the CPU has only one core, and may use hyper threading could be an influence as well). In fact, I'm pretty sure most gaming rigs would be much better if they used XP instead of one of the newer windows versions. Not to mention that Windows Aero (the thing that makes the GUI look so good) uses up a lot of RAM as well.
  4. I think my brain hemorrhaged a little when I saw the title.
  5. If I understand, the Diablo series is mainly a hack and slash game. I haven't played any of them, but I have played both Sacred games, and those games were based off of the Diablo series. As such, even though I haven't played it, I recommend Diablo too.
  6. No, I understand that completely. I just found it funny at the ways they are able to pull it off. And people always think they are invulnerable to these guys. Those are the people who they go after. In no way do I approve of griefing, don't get me wrong.
  7. So my brother recently found videos by some surprisingly effective griefers. Now, I do not like griefing at all, but these guys pull it off so well, it's hilarious. Also, they don't grief random people and random servers, they tend to grief people and servers that either in some way insult the group, or that they think high of themselves, even though they aren't. I'm pretty sure you will find at least one of their videos funny. http://www.youtube.com/user/teamavolition
  8. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 My other points still stand. Also, I shouldn't have used absolutes. Just kinda omit all the nevers I used in there and instead place 'you are stupid if you think otherwise' in instead. Okay, joking there too. Just say will probably not.
  9. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 Okay, so phones are trending. But a trend never sticks. Eventually it will go down, or it will go back up. And the fact that PC game sales are going down may just be because everyone who wants a PC has bought the game they want, and they don't need to purchase anything else to validate the existence of their chosen platform. A good example of something like this would be TF2. Valve noticed that no-one was buying TF2 anymore, and they reasoned that everyone who was going to buy has bought it, so they made it f2p. Also, a note on f2p games, consoles can't do them. At least not yet. And it will never cost more to port a game to the PC considering the fact that GAMES ARE MADE ON A COMPUTER. They naturally work properly on a computer. Why do you think it's so easy to make ROMs of console games? Sure, a few small edits are needed, but otherwise they work. I think it actually costs more time, and likewise, money, to make a game for the console. It's also easier to get your game out on a computer as well. Sure, computers may not get many AAA games, but it will always have indie games, games which are almost always something new and innovative. Sure, there are bad ones, but there are plenty of good ones that will be amazing. I can think of one example that everyone knows about: Minecraft. Trends are trends for a reason, they show changes over time, and because of that, aren't always a concrete fact that something is going to decline in popularity, or even for something that is going to rise in popularity. Computers will never fade away because they are easy to program for, and the additional fact that they do more than just be a gaming platform. AAA titles will always be available for computers because its not a console game to a computer, it's a computer game to a console. Finally, the computer will be the easiest way for a developer who wants to get a start on something, because it's easy, and relatively safe.
  10. Re: so sick of youtube f-....arts. <3 There is NO WAY that phones will surpass any kind of common day computer in the near future. Developers will be hard pressed to fit the same kind of technology that a computer has in a platform that is smaller than a square foot. Also, keep in mind that by the time they can do that, there will be even more powerful stuff for the computer that they won't be able to do in a phone. Also, I highly doubt companies will keep focus on consoles. There are plenty of developers still working on games for the computers, and all the good ones will make a separate computer version that utilizes it. Kinda like what Valve did with Portal 2. Also, Valve will never abandon the computer players. You can be sure on that.
  11. You know, you can get most of that stuff in Firefox, even Chrome, by looking through the addons. Firefox already has an addon that functions the same exact way the built in thing on Opera has, and you could probably find a theme that is exactly the same as Opera's is. I might even be correct to say that there are addons for built in mail and the private tabs thing. Also, I just checked the Firefox apps site. All of those functionalities exist in Firefox as addons. There's even something that makes it so only one tab loads at a time, instead of all of them.
  12. Personally I could care less about this. Skryim has so much to explore, a few new places probably won't matter, and the quests weren't all that stellar in the first place. Well... maybe the one where you go into Pelagius' mind was pretty awesome, but the others weren't all that interesting. Also, there are already mods for Skyrim. Especially if you use Steam.
  13. Did that work then? Also, right clicking on the process in the task manager and clicking 'End Process Tree' may help too.
  14. I think I remember what you are talking about. It doesn't do that much at all anymore, and I've had no trouble with it having problems with memory leaks. But I see your point. Personally I don't care much about speed unless if I need it to start up fast, otherwise, it can chug along as much as it wants to. Hell, I've had to deal with using seriously outdated computers for much of my life, and if that doesn't teach you patience, I don't know what will.
  15. I resort to the time honored tradition of saying: I have no problem with it. Your computer must be shit. Actually, what do you mean by flash doesn't work? Stuff doesn't load, it loads slowly, what? And sorry if you take offense by the preceding comment. Trying to make a joke.
  16. Okay, well, Opera still has no use because there's an addon on Firefox that pretty much brings that functionality right on over, obsoleting Opera. Firefox also gets things done.
  17. It was a 2002 XP computer, I think. Not many of them have more than 1 gig because XP uses so little RAM. I play games by pretty much converting all of the space on my third HDD into virtual memory. Not as good as RAM, but it's a decent substitute.
  18. That would have been nice to know before all my characters were wiped from my hard drive because of a thunderstorm. But I digress.
  19. I use stone bricks and wood. The wood makes it look a bit more rustic, and the stone bricks give it an industrial look. Also, using wood now gives me three different colors to use, instead of just the one brown color. A bit annoying when you aren't able to get the default tree wood, as the wooden things you can craft take on the appearance of the default wood, but nice looking nonetheless.
  20. Yeah, more games need to do that with their save files. So far, only Souce games after Half Life 2, including Half Life 2, include the ability to upload the saved games and config files. I think Skryim may have some sort of inclusion with the Cloud, as every time I exit it, it wants to synch with the Cloud. Although that may be in relation to the fact I have mods installed on it. Just Cause 2 may also have some sort of thing with the Cloud too.
  21. If what just happened to me when trying to open up that link isn't pure irony, I don't know what is. It gave me a 500 Internal Server Error when I tried to open it. Although, I think that may have just been my school's blocker having a hernia.
  22. *Snorts* Opera. Get a real browser. Also, Firegestures is all you need for Firefox. Maybe Adblocker if you really feel like it.
  23. My computer is even worse than yours. Only has 524 MB of RAM. I'll have to get the rest of the stats when I get home. How old is that by the way? Mine is 10 years old, and it can BARELY play Minecraft. It also has horrible graphics artificing if it has had a cold boot.
  24. I would have to do one of these checks again when I get home. Here's the connection I get at school: Anyway, I get DSL and it serves me pretty well. I need to check who our provider is, but it works fine. Unless if you want to download a game through Steam, in which case I have only around 400 kb/s on a good day. Dayum, that's pretty fast. Too bad they put blockers on the good stuff. And here's my home network's test:
  25. The only problem I got with Just Cause 2 was that if anything involving Steam Ingame popped up, it would crash the game. Most recent install seems to work. Also, Steam is awesome because you don't need to faff about with discs. Just download and then play.
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