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  1. Quite frankly, one of the superiorly managed B-Team servers out there, even if I say so myself. Before I became the technician here, I have traversed countless servers, seeing what was always wrong. Now, The Paradox Network excells in all those cases, where others were unable to do the right thing, we did. If you wish to join a lasting community, feel free to come along, we intend to keep growing and growing, until we're so big, we can no longer be ignored. Standards are there to live by, not to ignore, help us raise the standards for Gaming Servers, for together, we can do it.
  2. Okay, so usually I don't feel the need to do this, but this is getting outrageous. I'm currently a moderator on this server, and I can assure you, we have next to nothing of power to help out players, we can't properly log griefs, we can't roll back griefs, we can't check who owns a protected area, we can however ban, kick, etc, but that isn't even adequate in the necessities to moderate a server. Next, this server isn't 1.0.10 because the owner can't even bother to put time into it and fix the damned bugs that occur in his server, hell, we've had so many crashes the past few days that I don't feel like my 50$ donation has been put to ANY use except to buy a fancy new machine that didn't fix fuck all. I can assure you, after having run Minecraft servers for the past 5 years, this server will die out unless the owner bloody puts some time into it, fixes permissions, fixes bugs and simply behaves like the owner of it instead of starting a new server and just leaving this one to die. It saddens me, but I can't handle this anymore, I've had it with such an irresponsible owner of a server, it's even worse than the Mining Dead modpack's official server's owner, zeuslightning, a 12 year old boy with the temper of a monkey in heat and the brains of a peanut, however, HE WORKED ON THE SERVER AND FIXED BUGS. Something kyllingman hasn't done for days even with all the complaints. I can understand that he's "busy", that he goes to school and shit. But claiming that you work on the server 2-3 hours a day and still not being able to change a god damn thing properly? That pisses me off insanely. This is the end of my rant, I hope kylling reads it and finally fixes what needs to be fixed without acting like a bloody lazy bastard. Thanks for reading my rant DJRastafari - Moderator of Legendary Empire.
  3. *In-game name: DJRastafari *What do you think about the server: It has a pretty decent feeling to it, I like the details and the choice of plugins, as a past and current server owner of several servers, I am quite positively intrigued. *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Could do with checking into the cause of the recent 'crashes' as they annoyed your members pretty much, also you might want to see what you can do about people using Witchery to turn the time into night, thus annoying the rest of the people. Otherwise, quite a nice server you got here.
  4. @theprolo It was just in my inventory, it wasn't during upgrading. And the upgrades were done quite some time before it happened. I was just walking around when these things happened, so there is no actual action that caused it. And there are no error logs, as it just gives an Internal Server Error. Because the item that it ends up becoming, normally doesn't exist.
  5. I'm one of the players who had the issue, the item randomly turned into a rainbow-ish item ingame. The item was simply crafted and it cannot be reproduced. I myself had two cases of this. One was with a Manyullyn Pickaxe, all three pieces(Head, Binding, Tool Rod). Enhancements were Emerald, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli(Luck 450/450), Gold block and Diamond to add a 4th slot and a Moss Ball. The second was a Manyullyn Hatchet, both pieces(Head, Tool Rod). No enhancements had been added to this one. This is possibly one of the most severe bugs so far in this mod(Tinker's Construct). Posted to add info to Nickpauwels1988's messages.