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  1. Name you go by: Minecraft name: Awesomized The structure you are most proud of building: Spawn for my server. (Ex-Admin) How familiar are you with tekkit?: Very familiar, can make complex builds. How many hours would you be willing to put into this a week?: 2 hours a day, minimum. A little blurb about you: I like cats, my favourite colour is blue, I'm Australian, how about you? :)
  2. No talent you say? The backstory: Thats a nuclear reactor. I just noticed, the coolant that the person at the bottom is holding, is more detailed than the nuclear reactor. :(
  3. Actually, why not just protect the areas? And then the leaders allow people to break/place blocks.
  4. Anyone with a simple bukkit knowledge can easily do this, by adding the blocks to the block ids.
  5. Guys, wouldn't it just be easier to get bukkit, with grief prevention? 3 world resets? :s Edit: Forumotion? Good choice.
  6. Like, every few minutes, an item/items go through a tube.
  7. Awesomized1

    Mod Help

    I'm trying to make a system, where you insert an object (Eg, an iron sword), and it triggers a slow flow of an item. I am trying to make a custom map for my friends. Thanks, (Hah, you actually thought I'd sign my posts?) Edit: 1000th discussion. :o
  8. +10? I could join in if you want.
  9. Yes, but then he learnt about sideways quarries in the SMP series. And didn't he recently make a program that if it can't move forward, it does it again?
  10. What kind of person makes a Red Power 2 quarry going DOWN? You put them sideways, so you get the ores, without going through those 20 boring layers. And it's super expandable!
  11. I'm suprised that Thaumcraft was even allowed to use blutricity.
  12. Eloraam doesn't like people modding her mod. There was once a Blutricity to EU mod, but Eloraam asked it to be put down.
  13. Actually, now he is the only one in the team. His pixel artist founded Chucklefish Games. Blue however was fired, " I was fired for being 'a glory hog', a term used by Redigit that hurt me so much, it burned." - Blue He also made this: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/a-history-to-goodbye.6842/
  14. I should get a simpler name. Its Awesomized1 not AwesomEized. Happened with so many whitelists too. :(
  15. Awesomized1

    New Mods!

    Pringle, he wants a second pack for this mod, not to join this with tekkit. :)
  16. That actually sounds like a really good adventure map name!
  17. Awesomized1

    New Mods!

    Here is a better link. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-125flans-mod-rewritten-and-now-totally-awesome/
  18. The funny thing is, Terraria has no OFFICIAL forum. Only a fan-made one, made by the owner of a huge minecraft server. :)
  19. Apparantly people made legacies. I know right?!?
  20. I remember playing The Sims 1. I was that person who locked people in rooms and killed them with fire. I didn't actually know at the time that you ACTUALLY needed to do things in the game.
  21. The texture artist for Terraria, called Tiy, is making a new space-ier, more technological-y game called Starbound. Has any-one seen it?
  22. MCBans basically does this, except one single ban can cause you to not be able to play on any server with it.
  23. Actually, I think there is a mod out that allows the player to play without being in a server.
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