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  1. IGN: samabam14 Age: 15 Project you plan to build: a really cool town...or a really big server hotel Minecraft experience: i have played minecraft since beta Tekkit experience: i have played tekkit for almost as long as it came out Why you want to join the server: to play a good server that has little banned itema
  2. i0 wou1ld love to join ur server sounds amazing...my ign:samabam14.....my skype:carterm.hammond2
  3. my ign:samabam14 and i would love to joing ur server
  4. im looking for 3-6 people to do a tekkit letsplay there are a few problems tho,my computer cant handle to run a server,and i dont have any way to record my screen. if u coukd help that would be great. i plan to beable to record my own screen soon. if u have a server that we could do this on that would be great. requirements: ign: must have skype: age has to be atleast 13: my skype name is.....carter.hammond2 plz try to get back to me soon...and thank u
  5. samabam14


    1: IGN? samabam14 2: Reason For Joining? because there are no banned objects and this seems like it would be a nice server to play on 3: Would You Ever Consider Donating? maybe it depends on if it is a good server 4: Have You Voted At http://minestatus.net/50325-legittekkit ? yes
  6. Minecraft name:samabam14 Preffered mod:i perfer ee because it has alot of cool idems Have you ever been kicked and/or banned before?no Age:15
  7. [Whitelist Application] Minecraft Name:samabam14 Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit:because the same reason u started the server Do you have any bans on record?nope If so, Why? How long will you be able to play on SilliTekkit?it depends on what im doing
  8. add to my previous reply....i mean i have played tekkit for almost a year....sorry i was not close on what i was trying say
  9. In game name:samabam14 Age:14 Location:ohio u.s.a Minecraft experience to date:well i have started alittle while ago Why do you want to play on our server?: because it sounds cool and i like to play with all mods
  10. Minecraft name: samabam14 Age:14 Experience:i have been playing tekkit since 1.1 early 1.1 Why you want to join:because im tired of all the bull shit of open servers
  11. IGN:samabam14 AGE:15 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?:nope and i dont want to be WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? i like tekkit because i like all the mods because it makes minecraft feel like a whole new game WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? i can bring good friendly help
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