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  1. Intentional malicious code is something they could be sued for, so no, they don't.
  2. you have to pump the water directly into the engine. Combustion engines only produce 5 MJ/t, a generator hooked up to an energy link will produce 4 MJ/t. The total amount of energy generated is equal, and generators don't blow up. Sorry, but I can't help but ask why to use an engine to power a quarry in the first place.
  3. But if you picked EE you wouldn't have quarries.
  4. I just thought about it and figured most of your problems could be solved if you used a RP2 computer to control it all.
  5. Something should not be excluded from future versions of tekkit because it is imbalanced.
  6. I am apparently multiple people. Fancy that.
  7. Sounds like you have a logistics problem on your hands.
  8. Build a scrap box generator and see if you can't get some diamonds that way.
  9. To eliminate lag the first things to go are dimensional anchors and teleport tethers. I'd also get rid of all of EE. Have mobs drop covalence dusts, maybe. Energy collectors should especially be banned. Nano sabers and silk touch should also go on the list.
  10. This could be useful when building large structures without providing access hallways. What if you fly it away using an airship, though?
  11. It depends whether the block updates the distance when it is moved or not. But a curious idea, none the less.
  12. I store sensitive documents on sites like drop box or spare HDDs, but only use my SSD as a main drive. Theoretically, though, SSDs are more reliable than HDDs (but after firmware problems, meh). I was wary when I bought it and have an extended warranty; also, since any information I need is tucked away on various servers and backup drives, if it fails I can send it in for a replacement and be just fine. As long as you're smart about it you get the speed without any real risk despite maybe a few days of inconvenience.
  13. I'm running a Radeon Sapphire HD 6870. It's beautiful. --- Moogle: Right now I'm running an OCZ Vertex III SSD (I know, OCZ has gotten a bad rap, but after the firmware fix the Vertex III/IV lines are pretty solid, I guess if you know what you're doing anyway). The HDD -> SSD shift is pretty awesome. I don't know what loading times are anymore. And my computer boots up in like five seconds. *drool*
  14. 40 GB really is quite a bit for a month (or was when I was a kid ;_. You can go through 1 GB a day and still have some to spare, and tekkit or technic won't be chewing through that amount of bandwidth and time soon unless, as freakachu pointed out, he's hosting a server. Torrenting, downloading porn, streaming music, watching youtube videos, and playing tekkit all at the same time will, though. Torrents, especially, will eat through through data pretty quickly. And with internet speeds that can allow you to download a handful of GB in less than an hour, it's no surprise. I don't know if this is possible (because I have never had this problem; my ISPs have always had unlimited data), but I suppose you could ask them to throttle your connection and make it slower for his IP address. Or just downgrade your internet to a slower connection entirely so he won't have those 2 MB/s speeds and will be unable to eat up the bandwidth as quickly.
  15. Pff you think those guys are tough? Meet Deinococcus radiodurans These guys are so tough that they make tartigrades look like pathetic crybabies. Yeah 4000 Gy of radiation kills you? That's real cute. These guys can survive 5000 Gy without breaking a sweat. Give them 15000 Gy of radiation and over a third of these tough bastards will still make it. That's right, at almost four times the amount of radiation that stops a tartigrade dead, good ol' radioduran is alive and kicking. But we're not done yet, this guy has a distant cousin named Paracoccus denitrificans Goku trained at 100x gravity. These buggers scoff at that. They didn't just survive at 1000x gravity, or even 9000x gravity, but a whopping 403,627x gravity and they thrived. That's right, no shutting down mechanism or hibernation. They just keep doing what they're doing without a care in the world. Tartigrades aren't too tough now are they.
  16. RP2 pumps just move water though, really; there isn't anything to do with it after that without using deployers and buckets. And they don't even work with water strainers (though they're so buggy in SMP screw that). The computer is too outdated to update properly. It may be able to serve as a vanilla server for a handful of friends, but I doubt anything beyond that.
  17. Perception and Merlin I think are the only two live action shows I am watching right now. I think Burn Notice is starting another season real soon, though.
  18. Charocal has 1/2 the EMC cost of redstone and 8 more EU when burned in a generator. But why bother with that when ice is just 1 EMC which can be used to cool a nuclear reactor that generates 2070 EU/t
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