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    Server Op

    By making your own thread instead of posting completely off topic, or I don't know, reading a wiki.
  2. You was complaining about 20 minutes...and then an hour? You ungrateful spoilt brats. Patience is a virtue.
  3. Not without any details...no "help it made me lag" doesn't help us in the slightest
  4. This alone should tell you this would be better in the bug reports section...
  5. Hi Freakachu,just wanted to say I think you're great, I love your way with words and your humour, reading the forum always puts a smile on my face because of what you post :)

  6. Coupler tracks I believe they're called, or Coupling.
  7. Leestons


    Then make it complicated somehow...just because you can :)
  8. It's on the wiki... http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/HV_Solar_Array
  9. Noob. (Sorry, just had to ) http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/off-topic-discussion.9/ Don't make another topic there though, just use this one.
  10. Just because you have red matter doesn't mean you know almost everything about tekkit...just saying.
  11. Recruiting people just by their ability to fill out a form is just a recipe for disaster. Why hire somebody who hasn't even played on your server before, and just saw this topic and is applying for admin straight away? It's just the same as somebody joining your server and typing "Can I be admin?"
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    They're easy to make, I just don't have the room, or the need :P
  13. Leestons


    I keep flint for either arrows, or because some recipes require it. I don't have a sorting system yet though.
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    Just make a chest called "Misc"
  15. Question - With Condensers being removed with the update, now what will I do with the huge amount of cobblestone and other crap I don't use that come from quarrys?
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    I apologise, I wasn't aware you were talking about actual construction foam, instead I thought you were talking about it in Minecraft.
  17. Leestons


    Clay dust, coal dust, redstone and water, how is oil, or any of this suggestion related to CF?
  18. Are you sure you are not in creative mode?
  19. Leestons


    I think it would be too expensive, just stick to rubber. Rubber - Find Rubber Tree > make rubber tap using a small amount of wood > harvest rubber > cook > Insulate wires. Plastic - Find oil deposit > make pump, waterproof pipes, power supply, tanks, buckets > collect oil and pump into tanks > transfer from tanks into buckets > cook > insulate wires. Now, which one would you rather do? Something quick that requires 5 wooden planks, or something that requires plenty of materials and time.
  20. When I grow up I want to be a potato!