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  1. Sometimes I would just like to reach thru the internet and bitch slap some of these people who post crap like this.
  2. I would like to see minecraft redone in a decent programming language.
  3. I use both Mod Packs for different things, they are both good and both have their uses. I dont understand all the drama at all , it makes no sense.
  4. By his own reasoning he should be banned , I would give him his wish .
  5. I cant speak for the OP but I would think that after a month with no activity at all on the post that this is most likely done. If it is i wish the OP would post what he has done so the rest of the community could work on the pack.
  6. How did you get it , I tried 10 times with a timeout each time and finally gave up ?
  7. I know how you feel when losing a Loved one, in my instance it was a son (I wont talk about its still to personal even after 20 years) but the only real advice i can give you is that life is worth living no matter how you feel. Believe me i know what it is like to not see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore, but I promise you it is still there and you will see it again. Please find someone you can talk with ( I distanced myself from everyone in my life and lost out on so much when I did) maybe try your local Church or see if there are any local grief outreach groups they can help you immensely.
  8. Daedalus was also a character in a doctor who book http://www.drwhoguide.com/whobbc27.htm 8-)
  9. Wings of Daedalus love the Icarus reference and i believe this is the doctor who reference as well but i cant remember where i know it from.
  10. My favorite is ham and swiss grilled cheese sandwiches ...yummy and on the weight note i have been 105 pounds since the 4th grade lol ..I'm a big fella 8-). I have always been overweight but been working on dropped around 150 in the last two years but still a ways to go.
  11. Its ok , he knows i'm jealous of his mad Viking Hacker skills 8-)
  12. Gender: [x]Boy [ ]Girl How old are you? 43 Do you have a PC or Mac? [x]PC [ ]Mac What kinds of games do you like? [x]Action [x]Shooters [x]RPG [ ]Horror [x]Sandbox [ ]Simulators [ ]2D [x]Strategy Are you currently playing any games on a regular basis? [x ]Yes [ ]No Name 2 games you like the most. ~~Fallout 3 and DeusEx 1 and Human Revolution How many hours do you spend daily in front of the computer? [ ]none [ ]1-2 hrs [ ]3-5 hrs [x]5-8 hrs [ ]more than 8 hrs Do you consider yourself to be addicted to computer? [x]Yes [ ]No What do you like best about a game? The story line of the game.
  13. This has been answered many many times on the forums. The search function is your friend please try using it, the search on here and goggle to find the answer took me around 30 sec. each. You don't have the correct .net frame work for the .exe to work , you can either download the 4.0 .net framework and install it or try using the .jar launcher on the same page you download the .exe launcher from and see if that works. Also Mcafee might block the execution of both the .exe and .jar launchers , if it does either shut off your antivirus or give them expceptions.
  14. Wow , just wow. I would post everything that was wrong with this post,besides the double post, but I really dont have the energy tonight. Please read the stickies and post your information and question in the right format.
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