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  1. I beat one now! It had a liche at the top!
  2. But Better Dungeons is a key part of Hexxit :(
  3. It's the version for 1.5.2, right? You put it in Mods, right? You sorted out the item IDs, right?
  4. And don't click the Hexxit window until the Minecraft Main Menu has appeared.
  5. I found that too, but I died in the middle, miles away from my house :(
  6. OmniTools isn't in Hexxit by default.
  7. Don't make things out of Cobalt. It wastes your future Manyullyn supplies.
  8. Run around in a comparatively flat biome. Or just go in loads of battle towers, they contain hexical essence and hexical diamonds near the top. Oh, and FYI, they're called Hexbiscus.
  9. Ah, but it's not worth it to farm Wither Skeletons in the nether without a cleaver (I gave it 3 extra levels of Beheading as well XD)
  10. My main weapon is a Sharpness V Looting III Unbreaking III Ender sword (not giant) But my favourite TConstruct weapon has to be a Cleaver, because you get extra Wither Skeleton Skulls.
  11. It's pretty complex, but here I go... 1. Make a Tough Tool Rod Pattern in the Stencil Table out of a Blank Pattern 2. Make a Stone Tough Tool Rod in the Part Builder with the Tough Tool Rod Pattern 3. Put the Stone Tough Tool Rod in the Casting Table which is part of the Smeltery, and pour Aluminium Brass in. That makes the Tough Tool Rod Cast 4. Make 2 Iron Tough Tool Rods in the smeltery with 144 millibuckets of liquid iron, aka 3 ingots, each, which totals to 288 millibuckets which is 6 ingots, using your Tough Tool Rod Cast in the Casting Table 5. In the Crafting Table: 6 leather, 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. 1 Gold/Aluminium Brass Ingot in the middle, and 2 Iron Tough Tool Rods on the left and right At least it's easier than making a GraviChestPlate.
  12. You don't need to open task manager. Just click Save and Quit to Title and wait until the error screen comes up. That's what I do.
  13. That is a separate slot, which is for the knappack of Tinkers Construct. Eydamos' backpacks need to be right clicked on the hotbar, or put in place of your chest armour.
  14. Some people have reported problems with structures randomly spawning in existing chunks. Were you on single player?
  15. If you looked in the config for CoFHcore world, you would see that the lapis spawning is actually vanilla.
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