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[V1.1][Survival] Survival Island For Technic ! Added Forestry Bee Hives!


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Eventually Someone Is gonna make this So why not?!


NOTE : If you cannot Get rubber saplings Theirs a chest under the tree.




1.Make A EE Tablet

2.Make a Destruction catalyst

3.Make a full Red matter Armor and tools set.

4.Make an atou-Weat farmer and harvester

5.make a Ruber tree farm harvester And planter.

7.Make a Under water and over water Quarry

8.Make an Atou braking Cobbel Genertor

9.Make a diamond factory

8.Make Jet pack

9.Make a diamond Drill

10.Make 10 Induction Furnace

11.Make A 5 Chamber Nuclear reactor an power the Induction Furnace

----------------------------EXTRA CHALLENGES------------------------------------------

1. Combine Your Ractor And your diamond factory using Electric Engines

2.Make An over water and inder ground Minecart Bridge to other land Using Rails From a Railcraft

3.Make 5 Solar Flowers

4.Make a Lava Factory in the nether

5.Defeat Ender Dragon Using nano Sowrd

Final: Make 3 nukes and Destroy all 3 dimensions!

More comming soon

If you find any Errors in the post or the map , Please post them on Here

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Hoping that Kakermix or Cheapshot think that it is really awesome or usefull.

Another thing to make it better is by doing a little spell check. Usually I don't really care about spelling, but this is a bit bad. I'm pretty sure it isn't your first language so some tips: it's automatic (not atou) and it's daimond in stead of dimando. A short spell check would make it a bit better.

This is a great map, and a very nice picture on the top of this post.

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