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Tekkit launcher for Mac is outdated?


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So decided to retry techit pack, we tried launching it, the pcs are on 1.6.4, and the mac is at 1.5, so trying to find 1.6.4 for mac, and I can not find it. They downloaded it from technic site, where you chose windows mac or linux, but the mac version was out of date.


Can someone help me find the 1.6.4 for Macs?

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Not sure what you are looking for. The supported Minecraft version is not tied to the launcher version. The current (old) launcher is able to run just about any Minecraft version up to 1.7.10 and modpacks based on it, while at the same time allowing things as old as Tekkit Classic (based on 1.2.5) to work. The new launcher is still in beta, but it will mostly be an optimized and better-designed version, delivering what is already delivered today, but in more efficient ways. You won't need that one yet.


Since this is all Java software, you should be able to run it fine as long you have a working Java runtime installed. Take note that you need Java 7 for some packs, including Tekkit, right now. Read here about the reasons, and how to work around it if you have to use Java 8.

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