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My Attack of the B-Team won't start.When i open it it go's black than opens the launcher back where i started. please leave a comment if you know how to fix this. I've already reinstalled my launcher and reset it so dont say anything about it please.

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I am so glad you've followed procedure in this post.

With this wealth of information you have provided, I can immediately tell what is wrong.


It's ducks. Ducks in your computer.



Post your issue on the Tracker. Before you do, read the accompanying Rules and Regulations.

Links to both can be found in my signature.


Also, check the frontpage. There's a chance your issue is listed there (posted 107 days ago).

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The Duck is a relatively common waterfowl, known to plague users of the launcher who neglect to take the appropriate precautionary measures. Recently their numbers have declined thanks to additions to the launcher's code, but occasionally they still pop up.


More information on them can be found here.

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Oh no, that's not good at all, if the tracker stops that means the ducks developed a nest in the code. You have to delete system32 in order to fix it now.






Disclaimer: This is not in any way, shape or form advisable, do not do this, and if you do...provide pictures for comedic value.

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That would explain things.


Now, go read the Rules and Guidelines, like I told you. (I'll concede I said Regulations earlier, but that's no excuse)

Grab error logs. If you don't know where to find them, on account of being 9, go ask mum or dad, or anybody else who is knowledgeable on computers and/or Technic Pack.

Post those on the Tracker. You already have an issue up there, I know. I posted in it. 

Wait for help.


Incidentally, I don't remember from signing up if you need to be a certain age, but generally forums have a 13 year age requirement. You may, in fact, be too young to even be posting here. So pardon me for tainting your tender, virgin eyes with my foul words. 'Tis but a thing us grown ups do.

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Oh, fuck no.







(Nitus... he genuinely asked how to get rid of ducks. Do you really think it's wise to do that? Hilarious, yes. I agree. But not wise.)

Edited the message and added a disclaimer. I was actually worried he'd do that to be honest.

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there is no age requirement on this forum


 I was gonna warn and lock this one with the rest, but it gave me a chuckle... kwack kwack! :parrot:

(there used to be a duck emote. but the emotes have changed, hence the parrot!)

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