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Deployer Difference

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Thanks Beer, I've been thinking for a while since you're last post.

I want to invest in a world and if bits of these worlds keep breaking on upgrades, then I can't invest. Guess I'm going to have to slum it with vanilla from now on.

Cheers for the honest attempts to help me. Much appreciated.

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How close to spawn are you? I had a similar issue when i started up with 3.0, the bottle didn't vanish but it didn't collect water ether (the deployer was within the spawn protected area). Adding "[redpower]", sans quotes, to the OP list fixed it for me.

Just as a side-note, potion bottle don't deplete a water source so single "block" of water should work just fine.

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I tried it and got it to work

this is how

in deployer i put a half stack of empty bottles in the bottom right corner and a filled one in the top left

in the filter feeding into the deployer I put 1 empty bottle (this limits what goes in to 1 at a time)

It appears if there is only 1 empty bottle it gets destroyed, but a full or part stack it works

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