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Tekkit Tutorial Videos


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Hello Guys!


I noticed that there's a lot of new players & a lot of unanswered questions. That's why I decided to start making tutorial videos about Tekkit.

I'm not trying to get any money or who knows what by doing this. It's just for entertainment and "educational" purposes. I'm not recording daily, I do it whenever I have some free time on my hands.


  • Getting Started Episode 1. ->
  • Getting Started Episode 2. ->
  • Getting Started Episode 3. ->
  • Getting Started Episode 4. ->




- Kind Regards -

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The only part I can spot right now that is against forum rules is you signing your post. Your name is displayed anyway, so no need for that.


As for the topic, this is a peculiar time to start with new Tekkit videos. The modpack is ancient right now and stuck in 1.6.4, where nobody should invest resources any more. The Technic team found a mew maintainer for Tekkit in Iskandar, although he stated that he will first work on Hexxit before a modernized Tekkit is made. I suggest you wait for this before you invest time and energy.


Also note that Fission and Fusion reactors are from a deprecated mod that doesn't work very well as is, and looks very different in its new iteration (Resonant Induction). You are showcasing dinosaurs here.


P.S.: Apart from that, there is a forum section dedicated to linking Youtube videos like yours.

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