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[3.1.2]im not good at names[PVE][20 slots][no mods removed]


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Rules: 1.no griefing, stealing or anything of the sort


This is fully vanilla tekkit classic, no plugins, banned items or banned mods


All who i accept will be opped. The world is fresh, never been used before, and so is the server so no community yet


The expected uptime is on weekends for sure




1. Username


2. what mods your best at


3.age (im 14)


4.Skype (optional)


I will check this post about every 30 or so minutes. I will contact you on skype if your accepted!

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Username: Theo12705

What mods you're best at?: Industrialcraft2 and Thermal expansion.

Age: 17

Skype: I currently do not want to use skype as communication nor do I want to use my voice, I'm private like that.


Also, I noticed your application process is not very detailed. You'll get more People if you give more information and Its grammatically correct.

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1. hokeypokey_ty


2. tekkitMain. Fun to switch around a bit. I don't like big fancy servers so.


3. 15 in 3 weeks.


4. I will share privately. I also do not prefer people to contact me this way, would rather email.


If skype is required fo you to inform me if I am whitelisted, just contact me via this website. I check everyday.

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my username is drageboo.

best mods, i im fairly good at a lot of them, but buildcraft and industrialcraft must be the biggest.

age: 15

skype: alexanderegil

ill answer quick, normally atleast :P

would love to join a smaller server as this :)

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First off, my IGN (In-Game-Name) is: weepsi2000


Second, my best mod. (Are you expecting me to brag? Cause' I'm not going to!) Hmm... Well, I love EE2 and IC, but I think I'll say EE2. (Equivelant Exchange 2)


Third: I'm above 14. Let's just say that's my age. :D


Fourth: (I'm Dutch, so I'm from Holland, in Europe, which is pretty common on the web, but there's a big change you guys aren't Dutch. :) No problem though, my OCD' is high enough to try and make use of my English grammer as much as possible!): My Skype Name: yvonnebavelaar


I hope I can join a server where I'm free to do whatever I want with builds. :D (Like factory's etc.)

Looking forward to it!


Have a nice fishy day,


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Hello! This is my Application!

1. Username / IGN: RyanW_


2. what mods your best at: I'm most Experienced with BuildCraft, although I haven't played a lot of Modded Survival. I mostly watch Youtube videos like the Yogscast playing Tekkit.


3. age: I am 14, becoming 15 soon.


4. Skype: I would prefer not to reveal that information in a Reply. Ask me if you want it in PM.

5. Other: I love to have fun and be in a friendly community with others.

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