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Wild West Frontier (2.0) was to be the spiritual successor of our previous Wild West Frontier modpack. Initially we had intended a whole new style of play for minecraft featuring player owned land and businesses and a fixed map. While we still believe this would have been a massive step forward for the modpack, the work required was beyond what our small team could have been able to manage. We then set out to improve on our original modpack, which is how it still stands today. Wild West Frontier aims to give players a sense of township while still allowing for wars and plenty of PvP.


Please Note: This modpack is only now being released as community activity has slowed down considerably over the past few months due to everyone becoming less interested in minecraft. While this modpack is certainly playable and is fun, it is unfortunately not to the standard we had been aiming for; players may find various bugs, lack of features etc.




To get started, simply paste the following modpack link into the technic launcher:


This modpack features physical currency therefore it is recommended that you store any money in the bank at spawn. The following picture shows you where the bank is.




Once you have had a quick look around spawn, its time to make your way out into the world. Be aware, once you are out of the spawn, PvP is enabled and you can be robbed of all your items!


After finding a piece of land you want to settle on, you should look at planting some crops. Crops are the main way people make their currency in game as they can be sold at spawn or sold to other players to create food. This pack has a mod which prevents players from eating the same food over and over, so make sure to diversify your diet!


As you build up your land credits (earned by logging in daily) you will likely want to protect your property. The server uses Towny, so make sure to read up on their wiki here:



Once you have a town, you can invite another player. Players in towns can be taxed to pay towards the upkeep of the town or for expansion of the current town. While melee weapons do not affect other town members, Guns will so watch out.


Now you have your area set up you should look at building a smeltery and starting up on tinkers construct. Using this mod, you can create the most efficient tools/weapons in the game and tools which make your life much easier.


But what happens when someone attacks from afar? You need a gun. Guns can be bought at spawn or crafted using a gunsmiths table.


The rest is for you to explore, make friends and war with other towns.




- People who join our website can use the store to spend their points. Points can be earned through events or through donations. You will receive points just for joining though so it is worth doing so to get yourself a gun or even a starter smeltery.


- There are some rare guns on sale for 'Wild West Tokens'. These were handed out to some of the top players from the last server. There is roughly 150 in circulation so you can likely find them from other players.


- Carpenters doors are not protected in towns, either place a wooden door behind them or dont use them.


- We have a custom gatling gun which can be bought at spawn. Be aware that players can break these in towns.




We are pretty lenient on rules. The main ones are;


- Don't do anything to exploit, cheat or otherwise give yourself an advantage over players.


- Dont abuse other players racially, by gender or through belief.


- No religious talk


- Dont do anything derogatory to the server. This includes but is not limited to;







Pointlessly Griefing (i.e. Nazi symbols, dirt penises)


- Do not use excessive caps and try keep the swearing down ( we dont disallow it, just discourage it)



Hope you all have a great time once you are on!

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