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Hey Guys,


I had an Idea of doing a Mob-Farm with a spawner. Now the problem is, how to get a spawner? So I need a way to teleport it to my Mobfarm near my home. I just do not want to make it that complicate with qCraft. It should just work as with the portal gun mod. Maybe somebody could help me, maybe it doesn't give any solution :D


Thank You, *signed name stolen by signature gnomes!*

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Modular Force Field System can do that, I think. Never tried it myself. Also Applied Energistics, once you can store and move 3-dimensional spaces, which is endgame stuff.


Most methods I prefer do not work in creaky old Tekkit, unfortunately.

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One way is to use "PortaSpawner" to capture the mob spawner of your choice and place it down where you'd like (note: it's one time use only). And second, easier way to do this is to craft a "auto-spawner", capture the mob of your choice with a "Safari net (reusable)" -> place it inside the Auto-spawner, supply it with power and mob essence -> taaa-daa.



EDIT: It also might be possible to move with "cQraft" mod, via quantum computer & those pillars. (YT vid example ->

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