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Slimes - lower limit?

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Hi Folks,

Have been digging a rail track very close to bedrock, one wide and two high - so far, no slimes have appeared that far down.

There is nothing on the wikis I've read about a lower limit.

Is there one please?

It's possible that Slimes need a larger area to spawn in, but more likely? You've either been getting lucky either with low spawn rates or else digging through chunks that mostly aren't slime chunks.

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Slimes will spawn anywhere that is at least 2 blocks tall by one block wide which is below level 40 in a slime chunk. Also note that this is for the little harm less slimes and possibly the next size up as the bigger ones need a bigger area to spawn.

You can prevent slimes from spawning with half slabs by lining any walk ways with them. Also you can place half slabs right above rails to block mob spawning. However if you do that your head will be in the slabs while riding the rails but thanks to a bug you will not suffocate or even see the slabs. But it will make it very hard to leave the cart or interact with the world around you while riding the rails.

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