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Looking for players to test out my modpack called Ryong Modpack. I can't properly find and fix bugs and crashes without help finding them. The pack is a custom building pack with unique blocks, npcs, cars, furniture, plants and animals. Everything you need to build a civilization. there are also some techy mods with a pinch of pvp with the flans content packs. A when you're having some builder block, take a break and try out some fun mods like Clay warriors and Fossils and Archaeology, hunt for magic clovers and grow your own villagers. 

Either way its sure to make you smile and build something epic. For a list of all mods in my pack go to Ryong Modpack and look under the About tab. I'm look forward to hear what you think about it and some suggestions on how to make it better

Thank much and see you soon!!! ^_^



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