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Tribes just went FtP


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I don't really see the PtW in Ascend. In my experience many of the default weapons have their uses, I.E. default soldier setup is best for flag defense, L. Spinfusor is better for Path capping than Bolt Launcher, DMB Chaingun is pretty much the best thing about the whole class, and Sniper Rifle is pretty much universally superior in a CTF role than the Phase Rifle.

I bought the $10 package of "Shazbucks" and just spent all that on classes and perks, then ground out the rest in XP. I think the secret to success is to find a role you enjoy, dump all your XP/any cash you're willing to spend into it, and get the rest later. For me it was Technician Defense, it was really easy to top scoreboards at the time just wrecking the hordes of infiltrators that were playing back in Open Beta.

In short, don't spend 100k xp on something so that you can "try it" because you'll most likely come to regret it.

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