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Galacticraft: 3 Questions


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1: I decided to try to get a head start on my Galacticraft stuff, & after looking through the NEI for a bit, it looked like the Circuit Fabricator was the first stepping stone, so I built one. It turned out that it seems to need Galacticraft power, but I can't seem to build Galacticraft power without the Circuit Fabricator... how do I power this thing to get started on the Galacticraft Road...?


2: Tin Blocks that portablize Tin Ingots & Galacticraft Tin Blocks seem to share the exact recipe & i've built a ton of portablize Tin Ingots type Tin Blocks. How do I Craft the Galacticraft Tin Blocks when they seem to share duplicate Recipies?


3: Are Galacticraft Tin Blocks the only block that seal Oxygen in a Space Station, or are there other options for this? I only notice Tin block versions of stuff like Sealable Oxygen pipe & the like in the NEI Recipies... it's gonna be VERY boring if Tin Blocks are the ONLY Space Station Block option...


Many thanks for your time. :)


P.S. Screw you Forum for eating the FIRST Thread Start I attempted before... screw you 500 Error! :argh:

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Update: Got #1 figured out myself as I was bored while waiting for stuff to process. Turns out Aluminum Wire & Redstone Energy Conduit are compatible with each other & can Interface & transfer power between each other. Would it have killed the Wiki to mention this being possible? :/ (Not to mention the Wiki having entire Items missing from it including but not limited to the Circuit Fabricator...)

Could still use help with 2 & 3.

Hope i'm not annoying...

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Ok, #2 answered... looks like i'm a Mega Derp. lookin like I got Tin Blocks & Tin Decoration Blocks confused with each other somehow. Bleh, Tin Decoration Blocks suck at Aesthetics. :/

Also, tried to check out Steel Blocks then found out to my disappointment that Steel Ingots HAVE no Block form. Negated Moment of Awesome... :(

Still could use help with #3 as i've built up enough Oil supply that i'm getting tempted to build up my Galacticraft Power enough for a Rocket to get started on my future Space Station just to get some Resources (especially all these surplus Tin & Aluminum Blocks) spent to free me up some Inventory Space. It's still gonna suck though if Tin Blocks & Tin Decoration Blocks are the ONLY Options for Space Station building... especially when Tin Decoration Blocks are ugly & stupid in my shamelessly biased opinion...


Starting to worry that there's no one here versed in Galacticraft Knowledge, & there's SO much the Galacticraft Wiki isn't helpful with... :(

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