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[1.7.10] AW Official [PvP][69 Slots][Open][AffinityWars]

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Affinity Wars- The "all-in-one" pack


Open: 69 Slots

ForgeEssentials, MyTown2, MineTweaker, Loot++

24/7 uptime with occasional downtime for maintence

Only 2 Items are world banned, Everything else is fair game

Don't have the pack? Download it here

We are just plain looking for players who wish to explore all the mods and have a great time

Rules? Haha what are those? Ohh you're serious? They will be down below



     Affinity Wars is a modpack that was created by 3 players who loved a few simple things. Mods, factions, free to use items(no donor only items) and rules that made sense. After having bad experiences on other modpacks with either too little mods, missing some important ones, pay-to-win style of servers or corrupted admins we had enough. We set out to try to create a player based modpack that was as user friendly as it could be, with as little game-play infringing rules as possible. Also, we loved things like mining lasers or Ars Magica dig and blink spells, so we only ban what it absolutely necessary. Also, the mods are chosen by the players, and removed if the players no longer want it, as such I try to make sure everybody's voice is heard, but some mods just cant be added, like better storage due to mod conflicts.

Server Game-Play  

     The Official Affinity Wars server is based off factions. The intended point it to be a semi-difficult survival with pvp and all out wars between rival factions with a focus on four main themes; Combat, Tech/Magic, Construction and Adventure. Several mods have been added to aid in combat such as Ars Magica, Flans mod, Tinkers Contruct and various other mods that add in weapons. "But I don't want to get raided like 9000 times a day", No worries, there is a total of 17 dimension to play in, including Galacticraft dimesnions, and MiddleEarth, a vastly huge dimension spanning tens of thousands of blocks, so there are plenty of places to hide. If war isn't your thing we also have various exploration mods such as BattleTowers, BetterDungeons and TwilightForest. Wars or adventuring isn't your thing? Getting picky here but that's ok too! We also have a variety of mods useful for construction and making everything nice and perdy like Chisel2, DecoCraft and extrautilities. 

     Server has recently been rebuilt from scratch to use only forge based mods, this eliminates any long standing bugs caused by KCauldron.


      Affinity Wars is without a doubt a big modpack, containing most major mods out there, along with lots of smaller addons that make the mods just that much better. Most mods are added per player request so long as they are a) Compatible with the other mods, and b ) They fit into one of the 4 themes of the modpack.

Here are some of the major mods listed with their addons or other mods that go great with them.

  1. Ars Magica 2- A great magic mods centralizing on the creation and casting of unique spells.
  2. Applied Enegistics 2- A great tech mod addins a variety of storage and automation methods. Addons include ExtraCells and IntelligentEnergistics.
  3. Blood Magic- So much blood! A mod that specializes in the dark arts. Addons are BloodUtils and Sanguimancy.
  4.  DragonAPI- Not really a mod, but its the core mod for Chromaticraft, Electricraft, Reactorcraft and Rotarycraft.
  5. EnderIO- One of the coolest single tech mods EVER.
  6. Galacticraft- No server would be complete without SPACE.
  7. Mekanism- An all around great mod to have as it can be used in conjunction with almost every other mod.
  8. Thaumcraft- What can I say, we all like hungry nodes right? Addons include ForbiddenMagic, Technomancy, ElectroMagic Tools, ThaumicEnergistics, ThaumicExploration, ThaumicHorizons and Thaumic Tinkerer.
  9. Tinkers Contruct- Wonderful mod that add in one of the coolest ways to smelt items and now adds awesome new weapons like throwing knifes.
  10. Tech!- I know this isnt a mod, but here are mods that work great with each other. ComputerCraft, Big Reactors, DraconicEvolution, IC2, ThermalExpansion, MPS and  Open Modular Turrets.
  11. Witchery and Botania- Two cool magic-y mods that have so much in them I can't even.


  There are lots of smaller standalone mods and "helper" mods, the full list can be found here . As such you will need somewhere in the 2-3gb ram of RAM available, and java 64-bit. Using optifine you can still play on old machines as long as you make all the correct changes in the options, my recommended settings can be found here.



     Well there aren't a whole lot of rules, generally we don't moderate language, unless it gets too out of hand, same goes for things such as "being mean". There's no rules saying you can't raid someone who was just raided, or attacking new players. The few rules we do have are as follow:

1. No cheating, exploiting, duping or using non-legit methods for obtaining items that aren't meant to happen. Including Duping materials, glitching through things or other exploits.

2. No bypassing server protections, this includes spawn protection and faction protections. This mean no using things to bypass protections, such as teleporting through walls with rods, using digging spells to get through protected land, using certain wrenches to break claimed items or griefing spawn in any way. What is allowed is explosives on claimed land, claiming over someones land to gain access or following people to their base.

3. Please be respectful to server staff and the server itself. There are a lot of mods, and lag can get out of hand very easily. Please do not purposefully spawn in crazy amounts of mobs, have excessive amounts of wires/cable/pipes that are transferring items, multiple quarries running at the same time, and the biggest thing, Please do NOT just fly around generating new chunks, please stop and wait for the current ones to finish before moving forward. 

4. Banned Items. There are currently only 2 items that are banned, Compressed Cobblestone and double Compressed. They are only world banned so you can still craft and place down higher tiers like triple and quadruple. All items are fair game to be banned in the future if exploits are found with them and no items will ever be "Donor Only" because seriously, who wants to pay to play?

ScreenShot Time :D









Thank you for reading and Can't wait to play with everyone :D



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Well, you might want to add that Compressed Cobble is banned to place, but further Compressed Cobbles not also the normal compressed cobble is allowed to craft, since it's way too op to get through for a Faction Server for just 9 Cobble., also you should really include a Modlist.

But here are some of them that might catch the Readers Interest:

Aethercraft....now what is that, you might ask. The answer is simple: It's an EE2 Mod basically updated to the 1.7.10.

Witchery. The mages of nature.

Thaumcraft 4.

Ars Magica 2.



Mekanism, and much, much more! I'll hope to see you, dear reader, on the Server soon!


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Could you come onto the Server? I'd love it if you would restore my items if that is possible, if its not, that's okay. But I died in Twilight Forest on Thorns my Grave is probs out there but I don't know where it is,  so I also lost my Dragon Egg sadly. Would be nice if you'd restore it, but you don't really have to.

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As far as the pack goes its you standard decent pack with lots, and I mean LOTS of mods. The server, at least the old one, was also pretty decent, the best part of it was the fact that there wasn't any bs rules, donor ranks or banned items that made it feel like you were playing an ubisoft game. Defs can't wait for the new server to come out the 24th, keep up the good work

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