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Most of my (Vital) blocks are missing from my world (including my ME Computer) on my tekkit server HELP!!!!!


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I came back to my server after about 1 month of going on it (no-one had gone on it since) and i saw that my ME-Interface and hard drives and all applied energistics blocks had gone (as well as some others) These are the most vital ones and i want to know the reason for this or if i can get them back. I am on Version 1.6.4 on my server and my client, and i tried all versions (1.2.9f 1.2.10cx and so on) and it dosent fix it, have i missed a vital one? Or is something wrong with my server? I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!! :''''(


World Save: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oaaz13qshlxhxeo/I_had_to_put_it_into_winrar_mediafire_wouldnt_take_folders.rar Sorry for weird name

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