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Established Server Network, looking for Developers and Server Admins


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Hi, i'm a server operator. I'm looking for staff members; admins and developers for an expansion project to other mod packs as swell as staff to take up admin positions in my current Tekkit Lite server. This is a well established MC Server group, of over 3 years experience. 

Currently, I have need for staff members who :

- Are completely fluent in English. This doesn't mean you have to be from a native English speaking country, it means you can type a complete sentence without spelling and grammar mistakes. Multilingual a plus.

- For Developer- Have knowledge or at least 2 programming language. Experience in moddedMC is a plus!

- Are willing to build, moderate, and potentially learn back end as necessary. Knowledge of back-end and plugins a plus.

- Have at least 2-3 hours free, 5 days a week. If it sounds like a job, it is because I need a few serious staff members, not 100 non-serious volunteers. Willing to have operator time responsibilities a plus.

- Are over the age of 13. 18+ a definite plus.

- Willing to be on Teamspeak at all times while in the server and able to be interviewed on it before being hired.

Please reply to this thread and do not PM me. Reply here, and we can PM after.

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