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[1.7.10] RPP - Role Playing Pack


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Recently I was looking for a rpg themed technic modpack for a recent version of minecraft. I found a few but I did not like them. Some were too glitchy and crashy to play. Some were way too challenging to play and the fact that you died every 2 minutes unless you hid inside your shelter all day and night really made you lose enjoyment. One common problem I found with all of them was that they had no balance. Some mods were just thrown in to increase the mod count.

So as I did not want to play these I decided to make my own modpack. I did many things differently. Each mod I put in had a purpose and objective. I made sure the mod was neither too hard nor too easy. I tested the modpack and made sure there weren't any bugs. I made this modpack balanced.

I am planning to develop this modpack a lot further. I created this thread because I want to find out if others still have this interest of rpg modpacks like I do. I would really appreciate it if you tried out the modpack and gave me suggestions on how to make RPP even better. Thanks for reading.


DOWNLOAD: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/rpp-role-playing-pack

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