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[1.12.2] Xootic - Survival MMORPG [Guilds] [Custom Mobs] [Valuable weapons/armor] [Custom Coded]

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IP: play.xootic.ca



- New Spawn made
- Added /bank cmd to have a inventory everywhere that saves
- Bosses to get valuable loot at Ancient tier of gear
- More content added
- Custom coded RPG server

Xootic is a custom server gamemode that turns Minecraft into an RPG where every item in the game is different, players have a level and skills
they need to earn exp for, you will mine minerals that will be different rarities and give different purity based on
your players skills and how far the ore is in the world. Everyone monster in Xootic has stats and different strategies and weaknesses
and different rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mystic, ect) and level based on how far out
the monster is in the world, Monsters will drop loot and exp based on their stats. PvP becomes a different battle type every
encounter as no item has the same stats. You will climb your way into the Xootic highscores while you make powerful gear that
is based off the purity of the minerals you mine and extract as well as your crafting level,
so the higher you train your stats the better the gear you craft, you can always PvP and get players loot, kill mobs, or fight minibosses or more fun things, come give Xootic a try.

Xootic is a new server that has been worked on for the past 2 weeks, and is constantly being worked on and new content added,
Xootic is being ran on a dedicated server with state of the art SSD, Intel CPU, RAM hardware with guaranteed bandwidth which means
we have a high up time and lag free.

We are adding new content and writing everything by ourselves so please report any bugs found to our forums as well as if you have any
idea please let us know and we will see what we can do about your idea.



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