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Tekkit Shaders


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just wanted to ask if there is a chance of using shaders in tekkit 1.6.4? Cause everytime I install this mod the area or sky goes dark, blue or what ever.. Tried different shaderpacks and different ShaderCore mods, but always the same result. My gpu and cpu aren´t bad, so it should be a problem in tekkit.. 

Is there a list of known mods that didn´t work with shaders? Or is there a special way of installing the shaders in tekkit?

Hope somebody can help me.

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Which shader mods are you using and how did you install them?
I recall being able to use them in Tekkit Classic, and when I get home I'll test it out on the new Tekkit

​The way I installed it is the basic one, just putting the "ShadersModCore-1.6.4" into the mod folder and creating a ordner called "shaderpacks" to fill in shaderpacks. 
Hope you are able to run the shaders in tekkit main, if so please let me know how.

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