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Something awesome that possibly needs more money


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Just watch the videos. This game is worth spending more than the asking price.

I know I spent more. A lot more. A lot, lot more.

As much as I will get sharp, pointy goodies in the post anyway, it would be all for nothing if the game doesn't get made.

So please, check it out. There's still sharp pointy things left.

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A game of swordsmanship!?! WOhoo!

Finally, my prayers has been heard. however fun oblivion, mount & blade or Skyrim is, they've lacked that "little extra" in swordfighting

So, should i send a cheque or is it cash only?

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Times up.

And ive got a little confession, i didnt donate :(

Was busy with that little annoying thing called "real life". I do hope they use that money wisely (read: not on hookers and blow!)

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