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Future Plans for Big Dig?


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Recently, our online community fired up a Big Dig server, and our gang is having a blast!  Though we had been aware of this mod pack for some time, it has only been recently that we had enough folk in our group who had the votes to restart one of our Minecraft servers with Big Dig.

While we are greatly enjoying the more frequent ore veins (Wa-Hoo!!!  24 diamonds just on the surface!!!!), and the fact that we can cut down trees by hacking at the bottom blocks, there is one thing we do notice...

Not all of the mods are up to date.


Does anyone know if the Big Dig crew is planning on bringing their mod pack up to date???


Thanks ahead of time.


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the "crew" was CanVox, he alone made that pack.

I suspect he and rest of Technic team are busy with Platform. Feel free to ask him on Technic IRC if he has plans to update the pack.

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In the meantime, you might want to check out Attack of the B-Team, if you haven't. Similar type of modpack; large ore deposits, plenty of mods to try out and mess around with, and updated to 1.6.4 (which at the moment is the latest version of MC any official Technic pack is at).

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