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Technic-Tekkit change


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If you're playing only in single player, than Tekkit is useless. Unless you're trying to make a Multiplayer map, you shouldn't need to run Tekkit in Single player. That is what Technic is save it has more mods that are not available in Multi-player. So I can think of no other legitimate reason to try and open a Technic map with Tekkit. Just select which mod you want to use each time the launcher comes up. If you're getting on a tekkit server, use tekkit, if you're staying in singleplayer, choose whichever one you fancy though Technic has more in it.

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Tekkit and Technic have their own seperate installs in the .techniclauncher folder. If you switch between them nothing bad will happen, because they're seperate, BUT you wont be able to use saves from one in the other as they'll be incompatable, and you'll have to install your texture packs in both.

Any of that answer your question? You were kinda vague.

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