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World Anchors not working

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On my server, I am trying to establish a Post office by using Item Teleport pipes, unfortunately, I can't get them to function, they always read 0 connected pipes even with World Anchors sitting 2 blocks away from each pipe.

I've tried Teleport Tethers as well. Are the chunk loading blocks bugged in the current version? Or is something else occurring here?

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With Tekkit 3 I've had several issues on my standard tekkit server with chunkloading and teleport pipes. I've been unable to get any chuncks to stay loaded no matter where I place teleport teathers or world anchors. Also the teleport pipes seem to only work if that chunk is loaded, but then even when its loaded it still has issues with connecting.

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There is a mod called ChickenChunks for Minecraft 1.2.5. It's created by the same fellow that has created Not Enough Items (NEI). It does seem a bit more advanced and better than the ones already included.

I'ld really like to see this included with Tekkit instead, and hope for once that we have a proper chunk loader solution.

Source: http://minecraftforum.net/topic/909223-

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