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How to make a server for modpacks


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Hello everyone! I found a modpack that me and my friend would like to play, but it does not have any server I can find on google.The modpack looks really cool and I would like to play it with my friend so if anyone could reply and tell me how to make a server for it that me and my friend and maybe a couple other people could play!

Thank You :)

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for Windows 

1. create new folder -> rename it to server folder

2. press windows key -> type %appdata%

3. folders: coremods, mods, lib or libraries then drag and drop it on server folder

can be found at %appdata% -> .technic -> modpacks -> <name of the modpack>

4. files: cauldron, mcpc (server jar)


Note this might not work for the first time because some mod is not compatible with multiplayer

ie. Damage indicator, Chicken Chunks, Map Mods

quickfix. rename mod at mods folder ie. Damageindicator.zip to damageindicator.zip.dis

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