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Server Issues


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I have a server set up and working for a custom modpack, originally based off FTB infinity - which I ran perfectly fine.

The modpack I created has about 50 fewer mods (However the mods included are not all the same), but the server has awful lag. My internet connection is fine and RAM usage sits at about 50% but the CPU usage gets to 80-90% at launch and then continues to sit around 75-85% for no apparent reason.

I have included a picture of all the mods below.


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I am allocating 3GB to the server as the computer has 5.5GB usable, Windows is using 1.5GB when idle and I want to have some free to allow me to do other, small processes if need be. I do however, have another 4GB stick I can take from my Desktop PC if I have to, but I want to keep that as a last resort.

Are there updates for the MC 1.7.10 versions of those mods? As I tried to get the most recent updates of the 1.7.10 versions.

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