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Can someone make a Tekkit Gameplay Tutorial?


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There wasn't an SMP + SSP section so I put it here. I could move it anywhere.

I want an idea of what I should do to get started. I don't know where to go from chop wood and mining. I want someone to construct a guide similar to this:

1. Cut Wood

2. Make Crafting Table

3. Make Treetap

4. Get rubber.

5. Get 8 cobblestone

6. Construct a house

etc. Doesn't have to be exactly every detail from tekkit. I just need a guide like that to get started. I know how the machines work btw.

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Duncan has recently started his new season quietly. :) FYI: Part 1-34 == Tekkit 2.1.1, Part 35-? == Tekkit 3.0.4 (That season just started)

Tekkit with duncan on youtube he is great and shows tons of stuff about tekkit

But I haven't seen Duncan really "start out". I need to find the railroad to machine-making.

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Direwolf20 Has a bunch of thorough mod spotlights on youtube about such things. I personally think he's very easy to understand. He stays pretty up-to-date, on mod updates too.

If you're looking for a "play-by-play" I suggest you try his Let's play seasons. he's pretty instructional in those too. Just keep in mind, that he's using a custom mod setup, so some of the things he does, you can't. But for the most part, he uses most of the Tekkit mods, at least.

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1. punch wood

2. make a wooden pickaxe

3. mine some stone

4. make a better pickaxe

5. mine some more stone and look for iron, coal, copper and tin

6. smelt some ores and look for a rubbertree

7. make a rubbertree farm if the swamp is far away

8. make a farm for food

9. go mine for a while; find some diamonds and go to the nether for glowstone

10. go visit Industrialcraftwiki.com

11. Make some basic machines such as the macerator

12. You've started your way to the industry.

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