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NAScraft [PvP]


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Welcome to NAScraft!  This is a completely free-to-play, 24/7 uptime, HEXXIT server (so please first download the Tekkit Launcher).  Please feel free to join in on building (or destroying) this new world.  PvP is enabled and stealing is encouraged in this man vs man – block vs block world!

Sleep with one eye open in NAScraft.  The idea is to keep you always watching your surroundings not just from those sneaky Creepers, but also other users.  This makes it so that there’s actually a point to building traps and a hidden base.


There are no admins on this server.  Everything is fair play.  I am playing just like the rest of you.  No advantages. 


Keep in mind that although this server is completely free it costs me money to keep it running all day every day, so if you’re having fun and like what you see please donate to my PayPal account: [email protected]

Any amount is helpful and extremely appreciated.  However – users that donate over a dollar get whitelisted as well as having a say in how we run things.  Votes on world resets and so on (if it turns into a barren wasteland or whatnot).


Since this is a brand new server it will be invite only to start.  Please post if you’d like to get in so we can stress test.  For now I would like to try a maximum of 10 users – then 20 – then 30..and so on.

The server will be opening tomorrow 5/6/15.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask either by posting or via PM. :bravo2:

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