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[1.7.10] Flantastic Minigame Server [20 slots] [No Whitelist] [Flantastic Pack]

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Hey Guys! daPoseidonGuy here!
Today I am here to present to you a Flans Mod Minigame server!
Heres a trailer:

On this server you can play:
Free for all
Team DeathMatch
Capture the Flag

Not only that, but we have awesome maps, by the names of:
Desert Conquest
Cold War
Anarchic City
Overrun Airport
Battle In The Village
A Hell of A Trip

There are a lot of cool kits and I think if you join it'll be a blast!
Hope to see you on!

IP: play.flantasticserver.net
To get the mods:
Download the Technic Launcher
Go to the Modpacks Tab
Search the following:
Flantastic Pack
Join IP (preloaded -- if not, play.flantasticserver.com)!

For even more fun add me on skype!



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I've been debating about adding a new reply to my own topic, to avoid looking like Im trying to bump. I just want to say that the server is officially back and running and even went on the trending page for a while, despite not being that new. I am currently working on a second pack which will have an official survival server and a few extra mods as a result.
Anyways, server is back. I also added a trailer to the main post.

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