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a few problems


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hey guys, I'm new to AOTBT. played Ftb a while back, but i can't get that to work on my mac. anyways....

iv tried searching the forums using the search bar, but everything i type I'm getting 'no search results'.


so maybe someone could help me out, with the problems I'm having.


the minimap isn't showing on my screen, i can get the full map by pressing the M key, but the minimap won't show. i thought this was unique to AOTBT but iv watched some other people play and they have the minimal in the top right.



when i load the game in offline mode, i get no sound. except for the sound when i use Morph, thats the only sound that seems to work.



i can't get the faves on morph to work. i tried pressing the ` key and using shift while pressing ` but it doesn't work. so i tried changing the config file to assign the fear button to something else. this also didn't work.


any help with this would be great


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Ok i figured out problem #1 so thought id post it here for other people who might have the same problem.

simply press the 'N' key and it will toggle the mini map from small to large and then off.  i guess either by default or a bug when i started my game, that my minimap was off from the start.


could still do with some help on problem #2 and #3


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