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Why no early tekkit versions(v. 2)

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Why did the technic team never add the early tekkit classic versions? Like 2.0 and stuff. The only way to get them is by using the old launchers and that is hard to find.

Could they add it back? I know some may not agree, but I liked the early versions a little more because it was in the early(ier) versions of Minecraft and it had some other interesting mods that are not in the current version.

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Read this http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/59496-the-technic-launcher39s-future/?do=findComment&comment=583427 it's a post by a Technic admin. The original poster from that thread asked the same question, including why Technic doesn't keep the old launcher around.

‚ÄčThat sort of answered my question. It still doesn't make sense how the files are not still on the download server. It's not like the files for each version were being downloaded straight from the Technic teams computers. I'll just try looking for the files. Thanks anyway.

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