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I made an attack of the b team server for my friends.  They can join, but the problem is that none of the mod items are working.  Place down an item belonging to a mod, it disappears.  Adding a mod item to the inv will come up with it does not exist, something like that.  Please help me.

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Hello there fellow Minecrafter! Yes I also had this difficulty with creating my Attack of the Bteam server but found out the problem. My problem was the same as yours, it appeared in the creative mode menu but when I dragged an item to my inventory it would disappear. 

The Fix

So what could be the error is that when you created your server you got forge and installed it bla bla bla but maybe you didnt install the Forge Server so it can run the mods while.


Click Installer. Install the Forge Server into a folder where you can find it again so make a folder names "Forge Server" and once it finishes downloading the stuff required it will be put into that new created folder! So now open the Forge Server folder and you will see files in there (forge created the files) then Copy everything in the folder and go into your Server Folder (Ur real Server folder) or however you access your server like using FileZilla. Once you get access to your server details, go ahead and paste all the items from the Forge Server folder and let it load. Once pasted everything in, Now you can go ahead and run the Forge Universal.Jar instead of runnning the 1.6.4 server jar. But if you have a Multicraft Panel then you can go into the Jar Selection menu and click custom.jar and hit save. Now go back into your server details. Rename the Forge Universal.jar to custom.jar. Now run the server with the custom.jar and it should work. 

More Help?

If you need a better explanation then be sure to contact me on my skype WhatsInMyCoffee or email me at [email protected]


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