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  1. Hello everyone! Glad you're taking a look at this thread, this will contain information regarding our custom modpack which is set to be released in June, and this thread was created on April 13th of 2017, leaving us with a month and a half to work on this pack. SERVER IS NOW OPEN AND READY TO BE PLAYED ON, WE SPED THINGS UP BY SO MUCH THAT THE MODPACK IS COMPLETE AND SERVER IS UP! VISIT WWW.XASKUENOPE.ENJIN.COM/WHITELISTAPPLICATION TO GET STARTED!We are open to ideas, including mod suggestions, server suggestions, and comments regarding this project.Why am I doing this? Every summer I set
  2. Hey! So, I'm creating this modpack and it works when I'm using the regular .minecraft mods folder, but when I uploaded the exact same mods, as a modpack up to Technic Launcher, I open the pack and the pack loads, and starts up on the title screen, notifying me with all the mods put inside it. Sadly, when I go to create a world, I hit Create New World, and it says "Creating New World" or something like that, then after a second, it takes me back to the title screen. I can't create any new world. Any help? No crashes, just no world start. Here is the log from the Log Fold
  3. THANK YOU! I deleted troopicraft and miniions anyway, we didnt need them. Thank You!
  4. Hi, so I made a server and modpack update on my custom modpack. I tested the mod's manually, to see if it worked on client side and it does. It works completely fine. Now, I decided to load them into our server and I hit start and it keeps crashing. Crash Log is attached below. Technic ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp.847533 DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/86befahk1chnv6f/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp-1.0.zip?dl=0 Please help me urgently! crash-2016-06-14_15.24.11-server.txt Any help? @AetherPirate @plowm
  5. No problemo, come stop by if you would like at least
  6. Well.. my mod pack which is "Forsaken Border's Trinity SMP" has Thaumcraft and Magica. We do not have Custom NPC's though. We also own a WhiteListed Server for it with currently 9 players and any more people are welcomed.
  7. My apologies for this late response, the issue has been resolved, but yes my modpack is named Forsaken Border's Trinity SMP. Thanks anyways, Vito
  8. http://prntscr.com/bcdbez It wont let me load my modpack due to this, but i have no minecraft.jar in my mod folders, Ive downloaded old and latest versions of chicken core but still nothing.
  9. No, just edit the link with the changes I put above, go into Edit Modpack and click the link and change it to what I mentioned. Thats it. If you dont want to then its your loss.
  10. Alright, change "www" to "dl" and "dropbox" to "dropboxusercontent" and you should be all good.
  11. Hi there! May I get your link to the modpack, and the download link? Like from where-ever your uploading it from?(Dropbox, MediaFire etc) Then I can examine what else is wrong. @Mollay
  12. Hi there, I can help you create the mod pack certainly. @AetherPirate isnt the link supposed to be ?dl=1 instead of ?dl=0? Also the "www" should be renamed to "dl" and the "dropbox" should be renamed "dropboxusercontent"
  13. Hi everyone, my name is Vito and I am glad to announce a new custom made mod pack named "Forsaken Border's Trinity". This Mod Pack consist's of 146 gorgeous mods packed into something incredible. We tried balancing the genres all into one which I think we have done. The genres in this modpack is "Magic", "Tech", and "Nature". This mod pack was originally intended to be a private mod pack, but looking back on how good it is (personally) we thought it would be nice to share it with the community. I understand many people will just look at this thread and leave but its fine. We just thought we wo
  14. I would like to thank you! My modpack is now up and running, my friends are enjoying it and I really am grateful haha. Take care mate. -Vito
  15. Hey, so all my mods work. I own a server running all these mods and 4 of my friends run the modpack using the regular mc client but we wanted a technic version for easier use. By that being said, all our mods work and the server has no issue running them either. What do you mean the jar is just named modpack.jar.jar? Says modpack.jar in my bins folder.
  16. Yes, the modpack.jar you see is the Forge 1.7.10 Universal. Link to pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/5tlzq1ie6te6b9y/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp-1.0.zip?dl=1 There you go
  17. Hi, It seems like my modpack runs and opens fine, but when Im on the title screen it says its just regular 1.7.10 Minecraft. It doesnt say its running mods, in fact its not using any mods. I checked the folder through %appdata% and it has the mods in it, I have Forge 1.7.10 Universal and named it to modpack.jar and put it into the bin. But it just doesnt load the game with the mods. Any help? Links: My "Bin" folder http://prntscr.com/b2xzb7 Please, Ive spent an hour just to hook the modpack up and now the mods dont load in but the regular MC does. -Vito @AetherPiratey
  18. Hi there, we're glad you are interested in playing our custom mod pack in our custom server too. Well, let me introduce you to "Forsaken Border's Trinity". Our new custom mod pack consisting of 146 mods with 133 Active Mods in it, including Optifine, NEI, and Inventory Tweaks to enhance client side game play.What is Forsaken Border's Trinity?It's a very open source custom mod pack made with the best known mods and a few obscure mods that need to be heard off, with a mix of 3 genres in it for "Trinity" we have Magic, tons of magic mods such as Thaumcraft, BloodMagic and more. We have technology
  19. Just sent him a warning message as I am with you on this. This is copy right infringement and is trying to make money off something that you made and did not give rights too.
  20. What is the issue. You did not present us with your issue.
  21. Hey there. I suggest you delete everything you just did. Everything. Delete all the files in your current modded server. Then go here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/attack-of-the-bteam.552556 Now go to the right of the page and click "Server Download" , once you have it just open it up and drag and drop all those files into your minecraft server folder or where-ever your hosting it from using a Control Panel or FileZilla Program, load up the Forge 1.6.4 jar in there and let the needed files get created. It should run smoothly after that.
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