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No server world file?

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Every time make a server from either the official file download or from pre configured downloads there is never a world folder anywhere on my pc, yet it still loads it if its in the same directory.

(Say I had the server folder on my desktop after extracting from the zip and ran the server to generate the world then saved and deleted the whole server folder and then extracted it from the zip again to have fresh files, the map would be the same.)

Even if I download a server folder with a map file in it it wont use it and will generate a new one.

Anyone know how to fix this? its getting really annoying.

I'm using windows 8.1 and the show hidden files is ticked.


http://puu.sh/id9xu/a5f35f1136.png normal server folder (world missing)

http://puu.sh/id9xX/4f53a9e4eb.png server folder I downloaded (won't use world file)

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