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Hello! I am working on a mammoth project, the automation of every single fundamentally non-finite item in Tekkit. One of the challenges of this goal, and with Tekkit in general is the ability to find a reliable, scale-able, and low lag source of power. My solution to this is essentially a planter/harvester combo that outputs the wood into a set of redstone furnaces, creating charcoal which powers steam dynamos. The problem, however, is that you have to build these generators in units, as one harvester/planter combo can only cover a 25x25 area at once. While the design is relatively cheap and simple, the fact that each unit only provides 3400 RF/t means I need a lot, and I'd like something like the old Buildcraft blueprint and builder to copy/paste the unit over and over. I know that turtles could do it, but if there's an easier alternative, I don't want to go to the trouble of programming a turtle to build the design. 


tl;dr: Is there a simple way to copy/paste semi-complex builds in Tekkit? I'm using the most up to date Tekkit (ie space age w/e).

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I've looked into Big Reactors, and it works incredibly well for power, but I have a few reservations with it. There doesn't seem to be any up to date/in depth resources on how it works precisely, and it seems extremely overpowered. I'm not past going into it if it ends up being easier, but I think my design will be sufficient. Thank you for the suggestion about MFFS! Exactly what I needed!

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