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1.7.10 Realistic Survival Mode


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Technic Launcher Link


Do you find minecraft survival too easy or unrealistic? Want something that actually feels like wilderness surviuval? This modpack could be what you're looking for! Survive against the cold and the heat, wild animals and adverse weather conditions. Trade with player-like villagers and earn their trust. Build infrastructure and technology from primitive to advanced. This is not an easy modpack, there are many ways you can die or become injured for the long-term.

This modpack is a work in progress and still being tested. Please report any issue you have, no matter how small it could be of help. Have suggestions? Feel free to share them.

List of Mods and links to mod websites

Instructions for MAtmos:

Due to the launcher overwriting the version.json file, you will need to manually add this in yourself in order to fully enjoy the atmospheric ambience.

1) Download and install the modpack as you would any other pack. Run it once and then close it.
2) Download the version.json file from here: Link
3) Find your \.technic\modpacks\realistic-survival-mode\bin and paste the version.json file into that folder. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the one that's already there, do this.
4) Right click the version.json file and go down to Properties. Check the box that says "Read-only" to prevent the file from being overwritten upon launch.
5) Relaunch the modpack and test.

You will need to redo these steps with every new version update.

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