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Over-Engineered CASUC, Tekkit 3.1.1

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What?: 2020 EU/tick CASUC Reactor

Where?: Promethea Check us out!

Mods used: Redpower 2, IndustrialCraft 2, Immibis's Tubestuff

Why?: Why not?

A while back I saw the Electrical Engineer's Nuclear Reactor on the TechnicPack homepage and was awestruck. That was the inspiration for me making this on the Tekkit server that I play on. So here goes! Also sorry for any terminology I use incorrectly explaining this.

Overview of the ice making setup:

(The boring/standard stuff)


There are six Snow Golem chambers in the Marble/Glass cages and each cube holds eight snowmen. Snowballs are collected with pistons/filters and sent to compressors.


To minimize lag, all snowballs picked up are sent directly to the chest under the chamber. Filters then pull out 16 snowballs at a time and send them down the line one of two diamond chests. The item detector is set on jam mode, so if for any reason there is a back up, the pistons get shut off but the filter can keep running to try to clean up the mess.


All snowballs get sent to the diamond chests shown. Each of the three retrievers shown pulls a stack of snowballs at a time and yet another item detector on jam mode to shut them off to prevent tubes from filling up with items.


Snowballs are then sent to Singularity Compressors to be compressed into ice. Any excess snowballs are sent to the AutoCrafting Tables MK2 to be made into snow blocks and recycled for scrap.


The ice is pulled out by the retrievers to be placed into one of the four diamond chests on the left. If all of the chests are full, then it too is sent to the recyclers for scrap.


The recyclers are emptied by the filters and sent to one of the four diamond chests that are on the right as shown in the previous picture. Any excess ice or snow blocks are sent into the incinerator to be destroyed.


The retriever pulls a half of stack of ice every 2 seconds to be sent to cool the reactor. Any excess ice is then sent back to the incinerator on the right to be destroyed. The item detector and gates play a part in the failsafe logic.

Control Room

(The Ehhh stuff)


This is the control room. Failsafes and their resets are on the right wall, ice/scrap controls are on the left, and reactor start/emergency stop are straight ahead.


The failsafe wall. If any of these are tripped, then the reactor gets automatically shut off and will not start until they are fixed and reset.


Ice and scrap production controls.


Reactor start and stop.

System Logic

(The good stuff)


This is the circuit that controls the pistons and the filters/retrievers. Essentially an "OR Timer". If either one or both of the systems levers are switched, then the timer is running. If both are off, then the timer shuts off.


This small circuit powers the retriever that pulls from the ice chests to the reactor. Again the timer is only on when the lever is powered. The two timers are not combined to allow different timing in the parts of the system.


This is the real fun part, the failsafe logic room. There are four separate circuits in total to control the reactor and its operations.


This is the failsafe receiving circuit. All the failsafes are handled by wireless redstone to keep the circuits as condensed as possible. If any of them are activated, then the RS Latch receives the signal, turning the corresponding red light on and sending the signal further down the line.


This is the continuation of failsafe logic, basically if any of the failsafes gets activated, it turns the yellow wire on.


Two smaller circuits are shown here. On the right is where the reactor shutoff conditions are. If a failsafe is tripped, or the emergency stop button is hit, then the RS latch is flipped and the reactor is shut off. On the left is the start up circuit. All failsafes must be off, the player be on the pressure plate, and pressing the button at the same time for the RS latch to be flipped back again and the reactor turns on.


Wall defining what each color does for me, because I'm easily confused.


This is what the failsafe set up looks like. This one in specific is to detect if any ice does not go through every 2.5 seconds. The item detector resets the state cell (hopefully) every 2 seconds to keep it from turning the system off.

The Reactor

(The best part)


Reactor Internals.


Stable Hull Heat.


EU Output.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and thanks for the time! I'll answer any questions that I can below if there are any, hope you check out Promethea too!

Credits: Nothxor and Edoreld for helping make the snowmen as lag free as possible and littleweseth for the inspiration!

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This is fudging amazing. Seriously, this is an amazing piece of work. Though it's a bit ironic that we can't see the pictures from "The best part" :P Might want to fix that.

Anyway, you're a pro at redstone circuitry, I hope I can get that good someday. The OR/NOR etc. gates are still confusing me quite a bit.

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Thanks! And sorry about the images being down I was editing them to be smaller so it didn't take up the entire screen when the thread loaded up hah. And it took a lot of fooling around with the stuff to get this all to work properly, thankfully not with the reactor running!

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I taught him everything he knows.


Just kidding. The best part is being able to see it in person. He didn't let me push the "on" button though. Son, I am disappoint.

Press it when he is not looking.....

Great build, I'm currently planing a auto reactor plus breeder setup but I'm still in the very early phases.

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That's why I've got a locked pressure plate that only can be activated by me standing on it to start it up ;)

Nice! I've got an auto breeder planned using RP and Nuclear Control. That lava under my floor is going to serve as breeder heating, and will have an auto shutoff when it reaches about 9-10k heat. And possibly a retriever to pull out finished cells, not sure if that last part is necessary or not though.

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