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Looking for 5-7 Players for my small server.

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Looking for about 5-7 players for a small Tekkit Server, I have not banned any items, nor to I plan on banning any(Except the extremely cheap/game breaking items.) List will be up in spawn real soon.

I am looking for a mature group of players. It is a 24/7 server and is virtually lag free.

Post here if you are interested.




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IGN zakman246 (Fail name but Y'know)

Age 14 in 8 days. Despite this, I am mature. I don't really know how to "prove" it, but I do socialize better with older people then that of my own age.

Location Living in Kansas City, Missourri. I am from New Zealand though.

I registered just for this thread. I decided I'd like to play Tekkit multiplayer, but I'd rather do it with a small community. I'd love to join.

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I'd like to join, getting tired of big servers where everything is already claimed and theres a new griefer every 10 seconds, and would much rather have a small trustworthy bunch :D

IGN: bwillb (same as forum name)

Age: 26

Location: Arizona

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Hey, I joined the forum just for this server.

IGN: Bowserkong *Yes, it's a capital B.*

Age: 14

Location: New York

Thoughts or greifing: Immature, and pointless.

I'm joining because I am looking for a small server. I may be only on for a while, because I am in the works of setting up a Tekkit server for my friends and me. I am a grammar nazi though. I don't mind your grammar, as far as you know.

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Hi, I am looking for a yogcast style server, with no banned items where you can actually enjoy the FULL tekkit experience. I do NOT greif and usually keep to my own devices and just help out people. (I don't like pvp either)




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I would love to join this server I love pixel art I'm good at it to I was looking for a server that people would injoy it on and somewhere it won't be griefed.

IGN: G1ANN12000

SYKYPE NAME: G1ANN12000 just if u want to chat

AGE: 14

LOCATION: Australia

I hope I'm one of those people that get in

Thnx G1ANN12000


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I have been playing minecraft for years only now discovering tekkit and enjoying single player but every server I try either has massive lagg or a bunch of drongos with nano armour slaying anyone who logs on. joining a small server with no lag or drongos with like minded builders sounds ideal :-)


Age: 36

Location: Perth Australia

hope to meet up with you fellow tek heads soon

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